Thick Film Stainless Steel Heating Element for High Power Density Water Heater

Thick Film Stainless Steel Heating Element for High Power Density Water Heater

U-shaped stainless steel heating tube is made of metal tube as the outer shell. The spiral electric heating alloy wire (nickel-chromium, iron-chromium alloy) is evenly distributed along the center of the tube. The gap is filled with magnesia sand with good insulation and thermal conductivity. Sealed with silicone or ceramic. U-shaped stainless steel heating pipe is an electrical component that converts electrical energy into heat energy. Because of its low price, convenient use, convenient installation and no pollution, it is widely used in various heating occasions.
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1. Among the factors affecting the quality of stainless steel electric heating pipes, the quality of materials accounts for important reasons.

2. Reasonable selection of raw materials for electric heating pipes is a prerequisite for ensuring the quality of electric heating pipes;

3, the selection principle of pipe: temperature and corrosion resistance;

4, the choice of resistance wire: Cr20Ni80;

5. Selection of magnesium oxide powder: industrial grade magnesium oxide powder;

6, the choice of sealing materials: silicone oil + 704 sealant.

The stainless steel electric heating tube is made of metal tube. This metal armored electric heating element can heat air, metal mold and various liquids.

The stainless steel electric heating tube is formed by placing an electric heating element in a metal tube and closely filling the void portion with crystalline magnesium oxide powder having good heat resistance, thermal conductivity and insulation, and is processed by other processes. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, safety and reliability, simple installation and long service life. Widely used in a variety of saltpeter tanks, water tanks, oil tanks, acid and alkali tanks, fusible metal melting furnaces, air heating furnaces, drying furnaces, drying ovens, hot stamping and other devices.

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