Short Wave Infrared Heater (quartz infrared heater, halogen heater) Ss-IP333

Short Wave Infrared Heater (quartz infrared heater, halogen heater) Ss-IP333

Teflon electric heater is a new type of electric heater with strong corrosion resistance. It has excellent comprehensive performance: corrosion resistance, high (low) temperature, aging resistance, high insulation, high lubrication, no adhesion and no toxicity. Teflon electric heating tubes are...
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'Positiveness, wise change, joint efforts, and win-win' is our corporate culture. We have been actively promoting the development of Rhodium 3000a Plating Rectifier factory, Nickel Plating Rectifier, Three Phase Controlled Rectifier. We practice the tenet of customer-centered and serve customers wholeheartedly. We always make breakthroughs with an enterprising spirit, persistently exploring the technological frontier of products.

quartz heater

Power Source:Electric

Dimension(L*W*H):580-750mm(custom size)




Material:quartz glass


Made of high-quality quartz tube, it is resistant to rapid cooling and heat, and has strong corrosion resistance. It is suitable for heating with high concentration of acid and alkaline liquid; but it is not suitable for heating with liquid and hot concentrated phosphoric acid. It is easy to appear quartz in such solution. Perforation of the tube surface;

In the case of liquids with solid deposits, the fixed deposits in the acid solution should be periodically cleaned to avoid adhering to the surface of the quartz tube and destroying the quartz tube;

The heating core and the quartz tube can be separated and designed to replace the damaged electric heating core, saving costs.

Hanyun electric heating pipe / heating pipe product factory inspection: power test, insulation test, life test;

All electric heating tubes/heat pipes can use over-temperature protection switches to protect heaters and equipment

To broaden the future, Short Wave Infrared Heater (quartz infrared heater, halogen heater) Ss-IP333 will never forget our original aspiration, and we will strive unremittingly, and move towards new stage! With the sincere support and care from all walks of life, the company has a considerable scale of production, processing capacity and perfect market service system after years of hard work and careful management. Love is one of our company's core culture since we believe that only by giving love to our customers and our company can we survive and develop.
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