Haney 15000 2500A Electrolytic Nickel Chrome Anodize Plating Rectifier

Haney 15000 2500A Electrolytic Nickel Chrome Anodize Plating Rectifier

12v 2500a air cooling plating rectifier for zic plating with Ampere hour function,add the wheels for moving (push) more easy, and also to stay out of ground for easy cleaning made as Portugal customer's request,high efficiency
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We are based on a high sense of responsibility to the society and users, insist on taking the road of specialization, continue to innovate and surpass, so as to make greater contributions to the 3KW PTFE Heater factory, 50v 100amp Nickel Zinc Plating Rectifier, Titanium Electric Heater factory industry! We will use high quality products, preferential prices and sincere service to win the trust of our customers. The 'pragmatic spirit' we advocate is to look to the future and focus on reality. Our company strives for integrity and perfect service, positioned in the middle and high-end constantly creating new value for customers, and hopes to become its long-term trustworthy partner. From the perspective of reducing cost and improving efficiency, we have won high praise from users with high quality, excellent service and preferential price.


3000a with wheels

Haney CE standard 12v 2500A IGBT Plating Rectifier 380v three phase with wheels for pushing more easily,and also to stay out of ground for easy cleaning,which made per to Portugal customer's request.

Aluminium Plating By Simplex Method Using Pulse Rectifier Current

AC to dc power convert was carried out with anode and cathode of identical aluminium alloy,using the Simplex Optimization technique for a response like thickness of which a mathematical expression is not available in accordance with the variables of temperature, concentration and voltage and having left constant time using pulse rectifier current and composition of the plate.

rectifier structure

Q: Can you inform me how much is the consumption input (on volt AC) per phase for both rectifier's on maximum capacity output?

A: The consumption of amper input:

60.7amp for 12v 3000amp rectifier with 380v three phase.

50.6amp for 12v 2500amp rectifier with 380v three phase.

Q: One more thing is possible to put Wheels on the plating rectifier?

A: Okay,it is workable.

Q: What’s the material for the tank?

A: It is PVC tank for chrome plating process. It is pp tank for all other process.

Q: Could you make the parameters per to customer's request?

A: 0-300V,0-30000amp adjustable is workable for us.

Q: What other products related to chrome electroplating (apart the rectifier) could you offer to me to buy together with the rectifier?

A: Rectifier,filter,tank,titanium exchanger and titanium heaters will be needed for chrome plating,temperature control box,industrial chiller,pump are optional.

Q: What's the lead time for the plating rectifier?

A: We have stock for the normal items, the delivery time is 2-4 days for OEM parameter.

How to install the plating plant?

Factory view:

production line 3微信截图_20191217134324
factory picture 2

As a result of our own efforts and the help and support of our customers, our Haney 15000 2500A Electrolytic Nickel Chrome Anodize Plating Rectifier has gained a good reputation in the marketplace. Welcome to go to our manufacturing unit and welcome your get! With the continuous expansion of scale and increasing market complexity, effective product performance control is the key to improving product quality and economic benefits.
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