Haney 12V 500A AC DC Rectifier 48V Polarity Periodic Reverse 1500A IGBT Nickel Plating Titanium Anodizing Rectifier for Plating

Haney 12V 500A AC DC Rectifier 48V Polarity Periodic Reverse 1500A IGBT Nickel Plating Titanium Anodizing Rectifier for Plating

3000A 24v Anodizing Rectifier
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 24v 3000amp chrome plating rectifier with manual reverse for Peru market 

24v 3000amp rectifier

The main function for 24v 3000amp chrome plating rectifier:


The main functions of the system include steady current regulation working mode conversion, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, phase loss protection, over temperature protection, over current protection, etc.


a) Steady current regulator mode of operation conversion. In steady current and regulated mode, the system accuracy can reach ±1%

b) Overvoltage protection. The system allows the grid to change range of 380±10%V. The overvoltage and undervoltage protection circuit automatically monitors the network power change. When the grid power exceeds the allowable range, the system

Automatically adjust the pulse width to ensure the normal operation of the equipment

c) Phase loss protection. When the grid fault causes the equipment to run out of phase, the system automatically shuts down.

d) Overcurrent protection. When overcurrent occurs during power supply operation, the system can effectively protect the device.

e) Overheat protection. When the environment is extremely deteriorated, the ventilation system is clogged, the internal fault of the ventilation system, and the surface of the heat dissipating component is seriously attached to foreign matter, the temperature of the wind exceeds

When the temperature is set, the power supply automatically stops working and an alarm signal is issued.

f) Cooling method: air-cooled, water-cooled


  application 2

Switching power supply plating advantages

1. The coating can be crystallized, bright, and low in porosity;

2. It can make the coating uniform and the leveling is good;

3. Can accelerate the deposition rate;

4. Can significantly improve the dispersing ability and deep plating ability;

5. Can save rare metals and save additives;

6. Because the transmission is a square god, it is used for some plating such as acid copper plating, chrome plating, etc., which is unmatched by general rectification power supply.

7. Anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance: The product is designed with a unique isolation air duct, and some electronic component.

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 24v 3000amp with manual reverse client's feedback:

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