Factory Direct Sale High Quality Dia. 63/88mm Flange Immersion Water Heater

Factory Direct Sale High Quality Dia. 63/88mm Flange Immersion Water Heater

The quartz heating tube is made of a special process of opalescent quartz glass tube and a resistance material as a prosthesis. Since the opal quartz glass absorbs almost all visible and near-infrared light from the heating wire, it can be converted into far infrared. radiation. However, the current industrial infrared heating tube has basically eliminated the milky white quartz tube, and because of its relatively brittle material, it cannot form a long milky white heating tube. And milky white has a shading effect that blocks its heat.
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quartz heater

Type:Immersion Heater

Power Source:Electric

Dimension(L*W*H):Custom Size




Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Brand Name:HN



Certification:ISO9001 CE

Product name:Stainless Steel Industrial Immersion metal Heater


Material:stainless steel

Color:Silver immersion heater


Application:Industry Heating Process

Usage:Immersion Heater Water

After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas

    Precautions for quartz heating tubes.

    1. The inclination when installing horizontally is not more than 30 degrees.

    2. Use with aluminum reflector or stainless steel reflector, flat or parabolic reflector. But the parabolic reflector is the best: to improve the utilization of radiation, the factory can be processed.

    3. Avoid severe vibration and shaking.

    4. The optimal distance between the heating element and the object to be heated is preferably 150-450 mm, depending on the specific conditions of the dried object.

    5, quartz heating elements are brittle materials, should be careful when installing and using, take the necessary protective measures according to the specific conditions of the object to be heated, so as to avoid mechanical damage.

    1. The electrothermal conversion efficiency is high, and the energy saving effect is remarkable: the carbon fiber heating element is a pure black body material. In the electro-thermal conversion process, the visible light is small, the electrothermal conversion efficiency is over 95%, and the materials such as nickel chromium, tungsten molybdenum and the like are used as the heating body. The heater can save 30% energy; under the same power, the carbon fiber heating tube is 30 °C higher than the nickel-chromium metal electric heating tube and 15 °C higher than the tungsten-molybdenum quartz electric heating tube. The far-infrared rays emitted by the human body, clothing, water, etc. are extremely directly absorbed, and the heat loss during heat transfer is small; the absorption of carbohydrates is stronger, the resonance effect of carbon atoms is good, and the product efficiency is greatly improved.

    2. No instantaneous current impact: no ballast is needed for the ignition point, no pulse current impact when starting, so that the lighting power supply and protection circuit are simplified, and the service life of the power supply and related electrical appliances is prolonged.

    3. The high thermal radiation direction can improve the design of directional thermal radiation.

    4. Environmental protection: no light pollution, no eye irritation and burns of skin; no ultraviolet radiation and noxious gases and high frequency radiation.

    5. Infrared radiation efficiency is high: the infrared wavelength range of carbon fiber infrared quartz electric heating tube is between 8-15μm, and the electrothermal radiation conversion efficiency is more than 90%. The absorption wavelength of the organic substance and the intensity of the infrared radiation are increased by 30% or more, respectively, compared with the infrared rays of the metal heating element. The processed food is irradiated with a carbon fiber infrared quartz electric heating tube, because of the strong penetration of infrared radiation, the conditioning time is short, and the food texture can maintain the original taste. Using carbon fiber infrared quartz electric heating tube to paint, can effectively improve the surface quality of the paint, increase the adhesion of the paint film, higher strength, brighter brightness and better toughness. The heater made by heating, because of the high intensity of infrared radiation, has the function of promoting blood circulation of the human body and is beneficial to human health, and is known as a health-care type heater.

    6. Strong acid resistance and corrosion resistance: Quartz glass is a good acid-resistant material (except hydrofluoric acid), which is 30 times that of acid-resistant ceramics, which is equivalent to more than 100 times that of stainless steel (nickel-chromium alloy).

    7. The service life is up to 6000-8000 hours. During frequent start-up, shutdown and long-term continuous operation, the heating element has no oxidation and breakdown, the heating light color is uniform, and the inside and outside of the pipe wall are clean.

    8. Resistance to rapid thermal shock: The quartz glass tube is heated to 1100 degrees and quickly put into cold water without any abnormality.

    Carbon fiber quartz heating tube is widely used in infrared paint room, baking machine, spray baking room, all kinds of drying room and drying tunnel; heater, food, medicine, paper drying, printing and dyeing, textile, infrared physiotherapy and other industries

    Comparing the quality of our Factory Direct Sale High Quality Dia. 63/88mm Flange Immersion Water Heater with those of competitors, you will find that the quality of our product is much more beneficial. We constantly strive to improve the production process, do our best to solve problems for customers, help them win the market, and provide customers with stable quality, high-performance products and satisfactory services. Guided by the market, with products as the core, we continue to create various products categories to better satisfy customers' needs.


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