Electroplating Bath Plating Tank Aluminum Anodizing Rectifier

Electroplating Bath Plating Tank Aluminum Anodizing Rectifier

Haney CE standard 1500a anodizing electroplating rectifier,IGBT high frequency power supply,220v/380v/400 input volt three phase,it is for the New Zealand market. Small size, light weight, electricity-saving, high accuracy
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Haney CE standard 1500a Anodizing Plating Rectifier, IGBT high frequency power supply,220v/380v/400v input volt three phase,it is for worldwide,we have exported for India, Indonesia,Romania,Spain,Canada,US.UK, New Zealand market,etc

Haney IGBT switch frequency anodizing electroplating rectifier 12v 1500a adjustable power supply with

Small size,light weight, electricity-saving, high accuracy

15V 1500amp

Aluminum anodizing machine: Features of pure aluminum: Aluminum is an amphoteric metal with chemical activity, and it is easy to form oxides in the air, while aluminum oxide can inhibit further oxidation. The higher the purity of aluminum, the more uniform the film, the better the corrosion resistance .. easy to act with reducing agent .. But The oxidant has anticorrosive effect .. Aluminum is the passive state of concentrated nitric acid.
Haney IGBT switch frequency anodizing electroplating rectifier 12v 1500a adjustable power supply

Passivation is for the surface treatment of stainless steel for the same purpose to improve corrosion resistance. Application function of anodizing machine: Improve corrosion resistance; improve wear resistance; improve the adhesion of substrates and coatings; provide insulating surfaces; insulation; protect polished and processed surfaces; improve appearance. A definition: The aluminum in the surrounding atmosphere will produce an oxide film .. The aluminum substrate is attached to the anode current and produces a hard and transparent surface layer in the electrolyte. This electrochemical reaction is called "anodization" and is performed by an anodizer .
Haney IGBT switch frequency anodizing electroplating rectifier 12v 1500a adjustable power supplyCharacteristics of anodizing: Transparent, close to glass; insulation, anti-static; discolored appearance; fully integrated with aluminum surface, without peeling.
Note: You can paint after oxidation, but this process is generally not recommended because it is uneconomical. Usually the color to be oxidized is achieved. Basically, except for white, other colors can be processed through this process without affecting the film thickness (or substrate thickness). These are the functions of the anodizing machine.

Haney IGBT switch frequency anodizing electroplating rectifier 12v 1500a adjustable power supply

hotsale items

Above hot-sell items are all suit in electroplating area.

Haney plating equipment could be meet with your anodizing requirement,such as coating service and type bright dip anodizing,and also all of anodizing equipment could provided from our factory,PP tank,immersion heater,heater exchanger and anode,welcome to your inquiry.

anodized aluminum products


Q: If I plan to build a new plating factory, what do I need to do?

A: It would be better if you can communicate with your technician for the process details,and see what items needed and make a purchasing plan. We would be helpful if you need any suggestion from us.

Q: what is the output frequency and duty cycle? Does the frequency and duty cycle fixed or adjustable?

A: The out frequency is 18-20khz that can't be adjustable, duty cycle is 75% adjustable.

Q: Could you make the parematers per to clients' request?

A: 0-300V,0-30000amp adjustable is workable for us.

Q: How to budget the rectifier model what we want?

A: Normally 1 cubic meter liquid matches with 800amp plating rectifier.

Q: What machine needed for zinc plating process?

A: IGBT rectifier,industrial chiller,titanium basket,filter.

IGBT switch mode anodizing electroplating rectifier 12v 1500a adjustable power supply, with fast delivery,good quality and competitive price.

Characteristics of anodizing equipment:
1. Generally, the surface of aluminum alloy is easy to be oxidized. Although the oxide layer has a certain passivation effect, if it is exposed for a long time, the oxide layer will still peel off and lose its protection. The anodizing equipment production line uses its easy-to-oxidize characteristics to control
information of the oxide layer by electrochemical methods to prevent further oxidation of the aluminum material to achieve protection.
The purpose of decoration, while increasing the mechanical properties of the surface. In addition, by using different chemical reactions, various colors are produced to improve the appearance.
2. The technological characteristics of the anodizing production line will produce a hard protective layer on the surface of the aluminum parts, which can be widely used in daily kitchen utensils, building aluminum curtains, aluminum doors and windows,
Medical equipment, mobile phones, computers, computers, sports equipment, aviation components, etc.

rectifier structure


packingproduction line 3

Product Name: IGBT switch mode anodizing electroplating rectifier 12v 1500a adjustable power supply

Model Number:HN-12V-1500A
Input Voltage:220/380V/400v with three phase

Brand Name:Haney


Type:IGBT module

Cooling method:air cooling or water cooling

Output Power:18KW
Output Type:single phase

Output Voltage:0-12V

Output Frequency:18-20KHZ

Output Current:0-1500A


Input frequency:50HZ/60HZ

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Warranty:one year

protection:overcurrent,overvoltage,overheat,lack of phase..etc

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