Carbolite Furnace/Kiln Blackbody Sic Heating Element Silicon Carbide Heater Rod

Carbolite Furnace/Kiln Blackbody Sic Heating Element Silicon Carbide Heater Rod

Customized factory price Teflon 12V Immersion Heater
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Due to our rich experience and superb production technology, we firmly believe that our Electrowinning Rectifier, Air Cooler Industrial Water Chiller, Quartz Infrared Heaters factory is very competitive in the market. With the advantage of network commercialization, our company has further explored the potential market. We adhere to the concept of sustainable development to contribute to the protection of the environment through continuous innovation to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and save resources. We are widely praised in the same industry at home and abroad for its excellent quality, affordable price and high-quality service. Our products sell well all over the world. We embody the corporate image of taking science and technology as the first place everywhere, and meet our customers' requirements with integrity, gratitude, more perfect technology and better service.

spiral immersion heater

Teflon heating tube is a new type of electric heater that is resistant to strong corrosion and is used for heating various corrosive liquids. It has excellent aging resistance and good flexural properties, and is designed with low surface load (1.5w/cm2). The joint adopts fully enclosed acid and alkali proof, non-heating section and overheating safety protection system are completely customized according to customer's needs. Perfectly guaranteed that the heater is not easy to burn, long service life, fully sealed, non-corrosive, no leakage, with grounding protection, safe and reliable, suitable temperature below 110 °C, heating in a very thick liquid, must be configured with stirring. It is a reasonable corrosion-resistant heater selection for corrosive liquid phase heating, condensation, evaporation, concentration, etc. of electroplating, electrolysis, degreasing, pickling, electroless nickel plating, anodizing, aluminum pouring, smelting, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, etc. !

Parameter of heater

Teflon heating tube points to note:

1. To prevent the heated liquid from being too viscous, the solid substance sticks to the surface of the tube and burns the Teflon.

2. It is recommended to increase the temperature control protector to prevent the temperature from exceeding 110 degrees and burn out the tube.

3. The joint part should not be dismantled to prevent acid penetration.

4. The power requirement can be controlled below 1.5w/cm2. Do not exceed 2W/cm2.


We focus on advancing over time, continuously innovating and striving to create more stable Carbolite Furnace/Kiln Blackbody Sic Heating Element Silicon Carbide Heater Rod for customers. People-oriented is the purpose of our value creation, and innovation and development are our motivation to meet challenges. We also enjoy a high reputation through our good performance.
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