Two Color With Two Heads Pad Printing Machine

This is a small two-color ribbed printing machine. The biggest feature of the aircraft is continuous circulation. A grid rotating carousel can print products. The carousel is processed by Japanese precision CNC, with high speed and high precision, and stable performance. Compared with the printer's shuttle, its operation is more complicated. The fastest printing speed is 1500 times/h, and the maximum printing area is 80*80mm. It is suitable for the surface pattern printing of motorcycle helmets, mask printing, electronic products, plastic shells, hardware, stationery, gifts, and toy logos.
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Two color with two heads pad printing machine

双色 配头盔
Double headS pad printer is a small size printer. This machine is an extension of the monochrome printing machine. It has dual print heads and can print two products at the same time. In the same production cycle, its production efficiency can reach twice that of a monochrome pad printer. It can be said that such a machine can reach the production capacity of two monochrome printing machines. The fastest printing speed is 800 times/hour, and the maximum printing area is 60*120MM. It is suitable for logo printing on the surface of electronic products, plastic shells, hardware products, stationery, crafts, gifts, toys.            Performance introduction:           

1Two-color pad printing machine, using pneumatic cylinder shuttle conveying table.
2. The microcomputer controls various functional actions, the operation is simple and convenient
3. Built-in four-digit automatic counter
4. The machine frame adopts steel plate integral welding structure, which is firm and durable
5. Ink on oil roller, easy to assemble and disassemble and clean
6. Independent up and down travel and speed adjustment of the plastic head
7. Automatically balanced oil knife, clean oil and clean
8. The printing speed is adjustable to meet different printing requirements
9. Can be printed twice with sticky ink to get a larger printing ink
10. It can be left and right twice without falling glue to prevent the ink from drying out when it stops for a while
11. Can print two colors or one color
12. Two-color independently adjustable oil pan seat, easy and convenient color adjustment
13. With the function of automatic air blowing and air drying, the color registration is simple and convenient

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Technical parameter:   
1. Printing color 2 colors 
2. Single cycle   
3. Continue to exercise 
4. Item count Yes
5. Speed adjustment can be (0 ~ 9 adjustable) 
6. The delay of each part can be (0 ~ 9 adjustable)   
7. Printing speed 1500 times/hour   
8. Maximum steel plate size 100mmX100mm (4 inch X 4 inch) 
9. Maximum printing area 80mmX80mm (3 inch X 3 inch) 
10. The center distance between the two oil basins is 100mm   
11.Worktable travel 100mm 
12. The height of the printed workpiece is 180mm 
13. The upper and lower glue heads on the workpiece (adjustable) 10 ~ 40mm   
14. Glue head on the steel plate (adjustable) 10 ~ 40mm   
15. Front and back travel of the plastic head 125mm 
16. Drive pneumatic 
17. Control system Microcomputer   
18. Control voltage 12VDC   
19. Power supply voltage 220VAC / 1 phase 
20. Connection load 20W 
21. Pneumatic supply 6bar   
22. Body size 590mm X 560mm X 1250mm 
23. Weight 78KG

  1. High ink utilization rate 98.5% 2. Good working environment, boiled oil and water and low volatility of ink 3. Size of oil cup ф65 4. Steel plate size: (sheet steel plate can be used) 75mm X 150mm (3 inch X 6 inch) 5. Printing area 45mm X 45mm or ф50 6. Stroke of oil cup: 75mm

  2.  Machine operation safety performance: two-color shuttle pad printing machine conforms to the latest engineering style, and it is absolutely trustworthy if used as required.
    (1) The machine is equipped with an emergency switch: when the emergency switch is pressed when an emergency occurs, the machine will be immediately powered off. Go back to the starting position, and when the matter is handled, twist out the emergency switch, you can safely start to return to normal. Six, matters needing attention: When the machine needs to be moved or repaired, the power supply and air supply must be cut off. When adjusting or cleaning the oil cup, there is a risk of being cut. Enhance fire prevention awareness and equip fire fighting equipment.

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