Automatic Pad Printing Machine

Double color printing machine is a printing equipment, suitable for plastic, toys, glass, metal, ceramic magnetic, electronic, IC seal, etc. Transfer printing is a kind of indirect retractable rubber head printing technology, which has become a main method of surface printing and decoration of various objects.
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Haney CE certification automatic pad printing machine for the bowl application


1. positioning, table cylinder side pressure positioning, accurate and stable

2. pneumatic type with microcomputer control, easy to operate, durable

3. use sealed oil cup storage ink, energy saving and environmental protection, oil cup close to the surface of the steel plate, so that the ink will not leak out at the same time, the oil cup also has the role of blade, moving back and forth on the steel plate, leaving the ink on the etching pattern

4. special shock absorber, the machine works very smoothly; speed scraper, superior performance

Advantages of Double Color Printing Machine

Simple procedure

1.SMC pneumatic components, the machine runs stably.

2.CNC machining mechanical parts, high color accuracy.

3. reasonable structure design, simple debugging, save time.

4. cast aluminum fuselage, firm and firm

Application Editing

Printing machine is widely used in daily necessities, toys, pen making, electronics, electrical appliances, plastics, leather, metal, glass, light industry and food packaging and other industries of various electronic products keys, mobile phone keyboard, electronic panels, telephone sets, game consoles and watches, toys, daily necessities, gifts and other hardware plastic products LOGO、 printing, but also for special product needs to design special models.

machine for bowl(3)

dishes printing 3

1. treatment system: flame treatment system to enhance ink adhesion

2. delivery systems: linear loaders and feeder slots

3. manufacturing position system: pneumatic bolts, precision & amp;lt;0.05MM

4. printing system: sealed ink cup system, more environmentally friendly

5. Download System: Pneumatic Machinery

6 control system: single chip microcomputer and PLC

7 electronic modules: SMC( Japan), Kyoko (TW)

8. housing: cast aluminium and paint

Machine structure: fixed design, easy to adjust

9. Suitable maximum size :28 mm

   One production ring can print two lids

    Printing speed: pcs/hr 4000-5000

    Size :100*200mm

10. Power :220 V50-60MHZ

The effective reduction of solvent volatilization also improves the working environment of the operator. It is worth pointing out that the manufacturing level of the oil cup printing machine reflects the manufacturing level of an enterprise. At present, the domestic manufacture of oil cup printing machine quality is very good few enterprises.

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