Rectifier Component Type

- Feb 04, 2019-

The rectifying element is a so-called diode. Since all the output current of the rectifier has to pass through the rectifying element, it can be said to be the heart of the rectifier. The rectifying element is divided into two types: a silicon rectifying element and a thyristor rectifying element. The chrome-plated rectifier mainly uses silicon rectifying elements. Although the thyristor technology has been greatly developed and applied to electroplating, I recommend the use of silicon rectifiers. The main reason is the waveform problem. The thyristor rectification controls the current by controlling the on-time and the cut-off time of the rectifying element. The waveform is good when the rectifier is used at full load. However, the current waveform becomes worse when the output current is small. The smaller the current, the worse the waveform. The output current of the silicon rectifier has almost no effect on the waveform.