Internal Use Principle And Maintenance Method Of Electric Heater

- Sep 12, 2019-

When the fault alarm relay is activated, the fault alarm light will be on and there will be an audible alarm. If the overheat temperature controller overheats the alarm, the electric heater should be stopped until the temperature drops, and then the related equipment is further checked. If the internal fault alarm of the voltage regulator module is caused by the burnout of the electronic components, the spare parts of the same type of voltage regulator module should be replaced as soon as possible to ensure the production needs. In the event of a media temperature sensor failure alarm, the field temperature probe should be replaced.


Use a multimeter to measure whether the main circuit power supply is normal, and check if the upper power supply is sent.


Open the voltage regulator module to check whether the module board is normal, replace the voltage regulator module and replace the fuse.


Use the multimeter DC voltage file to measure whether the relay coil has DC power. If there is no electricity, the emergency stop normally closed point is not closed, and the instrument is inspected for inspection.


When the voltage regulation module does not receive the control signal, it should be measured with a clamp-type ammeter that specializes in measuring the current signal, or any line is removed on the voltage regulation module, and the multimeter is connected to the current line in the two lines. Between, see if there is a current signal sent, if not, notify the instrument personnel to cooperate with the inspection.


In the electric heater body, the three-phase power supply line is removed, and the internal insulation resistance of the electric heater is measured by a shaker, and the internal resistance of the electric heater is measured by a multimeter. If the resistance is balanced, then there is no disconnection inside the electric heater.


First, we must fully understand the operating temperature requirements of the electric heater and select the appropriate electric heater equipment. In general, the greater the power, the faster the heating and the shorter the temperature rise, and vice versa.


Electric heater equipment is strictly prohibited from dry burning, especially invasive electric heating elements, and such electric heating elements are made of stainless steel 304.


Select the electric heating tube of the appropriate power, pay attention to the power load problem under the premise of ensuring the effective use temperature.


Fully understand the use environment of electric heating tubes, medium conduction or infrared radiation.


Fully understand the wiring method of electric heaters, usually with star connection and three star connection, a single electric heating tube can be connected to 220v or 380v, and multiple electric heating tubes can be directly connected to 380v.


The dry-burned stainless steel electric heating tube should pay special attention to the heat dissipation effect of the use environment, and it is divided into the problem of still air and flowing air.