Electrical Control

- Feb 16, 2019-

Includes power section and automatic control section.

The power supply part supplies power to the compressor, fan, water pump, etc. through the contactor.

The automatic control part includes thermostat, pressure protection, delay, relay, overload protection, etc.

The mutual combination reaches the root water temperature automatic start and stop, protection and other functions.

Generally, water-cooled heat is used for 10P or more, and air-cooled heat is used for 10P or less.

Air-cooled industrial chillers are generally integrated with the evaporator, compressor and condenser. For a slightly higher power air-cooled industrial chiller, it is necessary to consider the heat dissipation problem of the condenser cooling fan during its operation. In the air-conditioning plant, the whole machine needs to be equipped with an exhaust duct to direct the heat blown by the cooling fan to the outside.

The air-cooled industrial chiller can also be used as a component. The condenser is placed directly outside (called the outdoor unit), and the evaporator and compressor are placed indoors (called the indoor unit). However, considering the problem of heat absorption during the transfer of the refrigerant between the condenser and the evaporator, the distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit is preferably controlled within 6 meters. In addition, the copper tube for conveying the refrigerant needs to be insulated. The power supply cable and control cable of the fan can be routed together with the copper pipe, so that the air-conditioning plant only needs to open the pipe.

For industrial applications where small-flow and low-heat-dissipation air-cooled chillers are used, the integral type is generally used directly, and the heat dissipation problem may not be considered at this time. For air-cooled chillers with large flow and large heat dissipation, split type is available.

The cooling effect of the condenser of the air-cooled chiller is slightly affected by the seasonal climate change of the external environment, while the water-cooled chiller uses the water tower to have a relatively stable heat dissipation effect. The disadvantage is that the water tower needs to be installed, and the mobility is poor.