Working principle of sewage electrolysis power supply

- Dec 15, 2020-

The electrochemical method of sewage treatment has the advantages of no need to add oxidizers, flocculants and other chemicals, small equipment volume, less floor space, simple and flexible operation. However, electrochemical methods have always had disadvantages such as large energy consumption and high cost, which greatly limit the application of electrochemical wastewater treatment in the industry.

According to the characteristics of electrodialysis and electro flocculation, and combining different water treatment processes, Hanni Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed high-frequency DC switching power supplies (including commutation) and high-frequency pulse switching power supplies based on the principle of improving current efficiency and reducing electrode polarization. (Including commutation) Two categories. It has provided water treatment automatic control and power supply systems for petrochemical, drinking water, reclaimed water, cooling water, electrolytic plating and other industries for a long time, with good application effects. Product aliases: electric flocculation power supply, sewage electrolysis power supply, electrodialysis water treatment power supply, sewage treatment power supply, electrocatalytic power supply, electrooxidation power supply, water treatment rectifier, high-frequency switch rectifier, high-frequency water treatment power supply, pulse water treatment power supply, pulse Electric flocculation power supply. Sewage electrolysis high-frequency switching power supply, etc.