Why you might choose electroless plating

- Jan 13, 2021-

What are the advantages of electroless plating over electroplating?

If your primary goal in plating your parts is to generate corrosion resistance rather than, for example, to beautify the product, electroless plating methods are often a better choice because the resulting plated part tends to be very hard and less porous, thereby more resistant to corrosion. For this reason, electroless plating techniques are very popular in industries where parts are vulnerable to wear and corrosion, such as in oil fields or marine applications.

You will often find electroless plating techniques used on parts like pumps and valves, which are frequently subjected to corrosive agents. You also tend to get very uniform metal deposits with electroless plating, with consistent thickness all around the part.

Thus, if you have parts with complex shapes where uniform plating might be difficult to achieve using conventional electroplating methods, electroless plating may be a much better alternative.