Why choose silicon controlled rectifier?

- Mar 12, 2021-

The attraction of the rectifier is nothing more than its power saving, control performance, protective measures and so on.

The silicon controlled rectifier has the following five characteristics:

1. The structure of the rectifier is perfect. The use of advanced energy saving and weight reduction is often reflected in the perfect structure of the silicon controlled rectifier. In this way, the structural design of the rectifier has shown signs of breakthrough development in rectifier components.

2. Easy to operate. The user needs to easily operate the rectifier installation option, and we often equip the user with a remote control box.

3. Protective measures are also copper walls and iron walls. Sophisticated anti-corrosion design makes the rectifier have a good endurance, but the environment of the thyristor distillation equipment is higher than the standard specified by the rectifier.

4. The work efficiency is extremely high. The rectifier can work at full load for a long time, because the original parts such as the rectifier tube and the thyristor template in the controllable rectifier have 1.5 times the margin.

5. Perfect protection function. The self-protection with out-of-phase, output short-circuit, over-current, lack of phase and overload, and super temperature is quite perfect.