What is the difference between IGBT rectifier and oil cooled SCR rectifier for electroplating anodizing

- Oct 15, 2020-

Haney's IGBT switching power supplies have many advantages over SCR rectifiers. Therefore, they are now increasingly used in electroplating processes to replace SCR rectifiers. Compared with thyristor rectifiers, the main advantages of Haney Power pulse plating rectifiers include but are not limited to: 

• The same high reliability as the SCR rectifier, which can run continuously for a long time, 24 hours a day, 7 days. 

• High conversion efficiency, saving at least 15% power than SCR rectifier. For example, for a 1000A 12V electroplating rectifier, assuming an operating time of 6300 hours, it saves 18613kwh of power compared to an SCR rectifier. 

• Not affected by power fluctuations, 100% output, no additional capacity required    

 The IGBT rectifier adopts an AC-DC-AC-DC topology. Firstly, it converts three-phase AC to DC and has capacitors for energy charging and discharging, which can suppress power fluctuations. Therefore, the rectifier does not require a capacitor with a larger capacity than the actual use.   

• Less electroplating time required for pulse output, customer feedback required electroplating time reduced by 40%.

• The SCR rectifier does not have an energy buffer function and is directly affected by power fluctuations in the grid, so it always maintains a large amount of additional capacity, which increases the user's investment cost.