The advantages of no negative pressure water supply

- Aug 12, 2019-

The advantages of no negative pressure water supply are:

      1. No pollution, good health: no need to live water tanks, tap water from the municipal access to the user terminal, the entire process is tightly sealed, no secondary pollution.

      2. Low investment: because there is no need to build a stainless steel water tank, so you can save the cost of the water tank, and do not need to clean and disinfect the water tank, which can save the cost of cleaning the water tank by the property management department.

      3. A small footprint: because there is no need to live a water tank, the facility takes up very little space. The complete equipment includes a water supply control cabinet, non-negative pressure stabilization tanks and pump units. The space originally designed for domestic water tanks can be used as a parking space (but may not be useful) or used as a warehouse to increase revenue.

      4. good energy-saving: make full use of the pressure of the city management network, the equipment system can set the working pressure according to the user's water demand, the system can automatically adjust the pump speed and the number of pumps according to the set pressure, so that the system is always in the most The energy-saving state is more than 20% more energy efficient than traditional water supply equipment.

      5. Stable water pressure: The outlet pressure is measured in real time through sensor detection and frequency conversion control to ensure that the outlet pressure is constant.

      6. The installation is simple and convenient: the entire set of facilities leave the factory, can be deployed directly into and out of the pipeline, the start-up cycle is short.

      7. Convenient management: The equipment is controlled by a fully automatic intelligent controller. It can self-adjust according to the user's water consumption and the tap water pressure of the pipe network, unattended.