Is the industrial chiller high and low pressure normal?

- Mar 12, 2019-

The high pressure pressure of the water-cooled compressor is 12.5~15k g/cm2 during normal operation, (air-cooled 14~17kg/cm2 is the best) but not higher than 19.5kg/cm2, when the water-cooled pressure is higher than 19.5 Kg/cm2, when the air-cooled pressure is higher than 24k g/cm2, the high-voltage switch trip should be handled according to Note (1). The low pressure is 3.1~4.5kg/cm2, but not less than 2kg/cm2. Please dispose of the low pressure at 2k g/cm2 according to Note (2).

When the pressure difference between the high pressure and the low pressure is very little or equal when the compressor is running, it means that the valve of the compressor itself is broken and broken. Please stop the operation immediately and inform the company to send someone to handle it. Please note that the above situation is normal when the compressor is running, if the high and low pressure balance is not running.