Industrial chiller start preparation

- Mar 04, 2019-

For the first run, you must first check that the following items are correct:

1. Whether the power supply voltage and the number of phases meet the model specifications, please refer to the nameplate. [Note 3HP above freezer

The power supply adopts three-phase five-wire, voltage 380 ~ 415V / 50HZ power supply phase line is divided into R, S, T, neutral line (zero line) N, the grounding wire is two-color line with E, there is a faulty phase Protector, when the first time the power is turned on or the red light is on and the fault code and alarm are displayed, you can switch the two of the phase lines to each other and close the switch; the 3HP and below use the single phase Power supply, voltage 220-240V/50HZ power supply phase line is L, center line is N, ground line is E. ]

2. Whether the chilled hose and the cooling circulation hose are connected to the pipeline and keep the valve open;

3. Start the pump by filling the chilled water tank with water or other freezing medium; (Note: Please use the freezing medium according to the requirements)

4. Please pay attention to the running direction of the cooling water pump and whether the water tower fan is reversed (if the water pump is three-phase, the reverse rotation must be changed in any two of the power phase lines, and then the switch is closed).