Industrial chiller panel schematic and operation instructions

- Mar 06, 2019-

(1) Power on:

1 Open the air switch in the refrigeration electromechanical box;

2 Press the “PUN” start button to turn on the freezer, at which point the chilled water pump starts.

3 Press “COMP1” compressor 1 button, “COMP2” compressor 2 button to turn on the compressor (for example: when there is only one compressor, press “COMP2” compressor 2 button is invalid). The compressor is started after the delay, and the green light of the compressor running indicator in the upper left corner lights up. At the same time, the cooling fan operates. (The cooling tower and cooling water pump of the water-cooled freezer need to be pre-started in the external control.) The freezer enters the running state.

(2) Set temperature adjustment: PV area is the actual temperature display, and SV area is the set temperature display. For example, if the set temperature in the SV window needs to be adjusted after power on, the following order is used:

1 Press the “SET” setting button, the number in the SV window flashes at this time, and the setting state is entered at this time;

2 Press the adjustment keys “UP” and “DOWN” to adjust to the desired temperature and press the “SET” button to confirm.

(3) Shutdown: Press the “STOP” stop button to turn off the machine. If not used for a long time, turn off the freezer and drain the freezer in the tank or in the shell and tube evaporator.

Note: Energy adjustment:

a. There is only one compressor: during the heating process, the compressor is automatically started when the display temperature ≥ set temperature + temperature difference; during the cooling process, the compressor is automatically stopped when the display temperature < set temperature + temperature difference.

b. There are 2 compressors: during the heating process, when the temperature is set to > set temperature, one compressor is automatically started. When the temperature is ≥ set temperature + temperature difference, two compressors are automatically started. During the cooling process, When the display temperature < set temperature, it automatically stops one, and when the display temperature < set temperature - temperature difference, it stops completely.