Industrial chiller modification parameter operation instructions

- Mar 07, 2019-

The power-on system starts 6S countdown, the PV area on the panel displays the version, and the SV area displays the time. If the “SET” button is not pressed, the main program starts working.

(1) After the main program starts, the PV area displays the actual temperature, and the SV area displays the set temperature. At this time, press “SET” to modify the current set temperature, use “UP” and “DOWN” to modify, press “SET” after the change. The key exits.

(2) During the countdown, if you press “SET”, you will enter the factory parameter setting state, enter the password “4561”, press “UP” to switch the input sequence, press “DOWN” to modify the entered number, after the password is entered, press “ again” SET" enters the parameter setting interface, and the PV area displays "Pr00", indicating item 0. At this time, use "UP" and "DOWN" to select the modified item. After selecting the item, press "COMPI" to enter the modification of the item, and use "UP" and "DOWN" to modify it. After the change, press "COMPI". Save and exit, press “SET” to exit the parameter setting interface. See the parameter settings for each item description.

(3) If the faulty PV area displays "ERR", the SV area displays the fault code. Please click the fault code to find the corresponding fault in Table 2. Press the “RESET” button to silence the sound. After troubleshooting, press the “RESET” button to reset the fault.

(4) "COMP1" and "COMP2" are the buttons that allow the press 1 and the press 2 to be opened respectively. If the press is allowed to open, the LED indicator on the corresponding button is illuminated; if it is not allowed to be turned on, the corresponding pressure is applied. The machine will not turn on, and the LED on the button will not light. It is only used when the unit is running. The “COMP1” and “COMP2” buttons are valid. When “COMP 1” and “COMP 2” are valid, press this button. , the corresponding LED light is on, then press the LED light to turn off.

(5) Indicator light: POWER power indicator, RUN unit running status, COMP1 press 1 running status, COMP2 press 2 running status, ERROR indicates fault.

(6) In the main interface, long press “SET” to enter the setting temperature function lock or not setting item, enter the password “0021”, see (2), then press “SET” to enter the setting interface, press “UP” and “DOWN” Modify the parameter, "LOCK" is locked, and "OFF" is not locked. Press the "SET" button again to exit.