Industrial chiller heat dissipation and treatment method

- Mar 10, 2019-

When the condenser heat is poor, the compressor efficiency is low, the running current is increased, when the air-cooled high pressure rises to 24kg/cm2, the water-cooled high pressure rises to 20kg/cm2, the compressor is protected by the high-voltage switch, and the compressor stops. Operation, poor heat dissipation, high voltage overload and display fault code or fault indication. In this case, please check whether the cooling tower circulating water is normal, whether the cooling water temperature is too high, whether the cooling tower fan water pump is running, and whether the cooling water valve is completely open (air-cooled type please check Whether the radiator is dirty or not. After the above is normal, press the reset button (REST) or shut down to restart. If high voltage overload occurs frequently, please arrange to clean the condenser as soon as possible.