Industrial chiller compressor protection

- Mar 14, 2019-

1. Suction and exhaust pressure protection: It is mainly to prevent the suction pressure of the compressor from being too low and the exhaust pressure to be too high. With the pressure controller, when the suction pressure and the exhaust pressure reach the warning pressure value, the other compressor stops running.

2. Oil pressure difference protection: It is used for compressors with oil pump oil supply. It prevents the oil pump from oiling and affects the lubrication of the compressor and causes the cylinder unloading mechanism to work normally. The protection method is to use the oil pressure difference controller to detect the oil pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet of the oil pump. If the oil pressure difference is about 60g and the normal value (about 0.15MPa) is not reached, the compressor is stopped.

3. Compressor exhaust temperature and oil temperature protection: because the exhaust gas temperature is too high and the oil is too low or too high. With the temperature controller, when the above temperature reaches the warning value, the compressor is stopped.

4. Cooling water jacket cut-off protection: The cylinder head of the ammonia compressor is provided with a cooling water jacket to apply external cooling to the compression process. The water flow relay seat is used to control the cooling water cutoff protection. If the continuous flow is stopped for a specified time, the compressor is stopped.