Industrial chiller application site

- Mar 01, 2019-

1. Chemical Industry

It is mainly used for cooling and cooling of chemical reactors (chemical heat exchangers), and takes away the huge heat generated by chemical reactions in time to achieve the purpose of cooling (cooling) to improve product quality.

2. Manufacturing industry for plastic products, plastic containers, food packaging films, medical packaging films, etc.

l In the injection molding process of plastic products (television, computer, washing machine, mobile phone, refrigerator, air conditioner, plastic toy, automobile plastic parts, etc.), whether it can be cooled and cooled in time (effectively) will directly affect the appearance and appearance of the product. The pass rate, which affects production efficiency, affects production costs and corporate profits.

l The production of plastic containers (blowing bottles) and packaging films is even more inseparable from chillers (ice water machines). If the plastic container cannot be cooled and shaped in the production process, the produced container will not be full, the wall thickness will be uneven, the color will not be bright, and even the molding will not be possible, resulting in low product quality. In the production of packaging film, if there is no cold water (wind) cooling molding, it is impossible to produce a qualified product. Cooling with cold water (wind) provided by a chiller (ice water machine) not only greatly improves product quality, but also increases production efficiency.

3. Cooling of plating solution, hydraulic oil and machine tool cutting tool coolant

l In the electroplating production, the electroplating solution generates heat in the electroplating reaction without any part, so that the temperature of the electroplating solution is gradually increased. When the temperature of the electroplating solution is higher than the requirements of the process, the surface plating of the electroplated product is firm and uniform. Degree, flatness and surface finish have a large impact. The choice of the cold water provided by the chiller (ice water machine) to cool and maintain the constant temperature of the plating solution will greatly improve the electroplating production process and production efficiency.

l The cooling of the coolant of the machine tool cutting tool, the control of the blade edge temperature will directly affect the tool life and product quality.

4. Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is mainly used for the control of temperature and humidity in the production workshop and the heat of reaction during the production of APIs.

5. it

In the production process of electronic components, the components need to be kept or cooled at a specific temperature, and the performance parameters of the electronic components can be controlled in the state of design.