How to repair the plating rectifier?

- Jul 18, 2019-

Common faults and repairs of electroplating rectifiers:

1. The rectifier has an abnormal sound. This situation is more common in the failure of the fan of the cold rectifier or more dust. It should be cleaned up in time to avoid affecting the normal operation of the entire machine.

2. The power indicator of the rectifier is not lit. In the electroplating rectifier device, a power switch indicator is set to facilitate the detection of the power failure. It exists to tell the power supply user whether the power has been normally energized. When it is normally energized, it normally emits light, then when it is no longer emitting light, it is obviously that the power supply is faulty, and the cause of the failure is nothing more than the following:

A. The power cord is not plugged in. It may be that the power socket is not secure, or the power cord or socket is damaged. At this time, you should plug in the socket, connect the power supply, and use the electric pen to detect which one has a problem.

B. The rectifier main switch is not closed, this may be caused by the staff for a moment, so please close the switch gate.

C. There is also a phase loss in the three-phase power supply, which will also cause the plating rectifier to fail to supply power properly. It should be checked and repaired in time.

3. When the power indicator is normal, the fan is normal, and the work indicator is not lit, the work indicator is used to indicate whether the rectifier works normally. When it is not lit and the power is normal, you should check if the position of the start switch is correct. If the position is still normal and still can't work, please restart the start switch once.

4. The working indicator is normal, but when the adjustment current and voltage are not adjusted or can not be adjusted, it should be stated here that the adjustment of the output voltage and current of the plating rectifier should be carried out in two steps, that is, in the case of voltage regulation. Adjust the current and adjust the voltage in the case of steady current. When it can't adjust, you should pay attention to whether it is adjusted according to the two steps of appeal. If you find that you are not moving, you should pay attention to whether the adjusted voltage and current have exceeded the minimum and maximum values that the power supply can carry and whether the adjustment switch has been rotated to the lowest or highest position.

5. During the working process, the current output is suddenly interrupted. However, when the work instruction and the voltage and current meter display are normal, it is generally caused by the problem of the wiring between the power supply and the plating tank. The wiring between the power supply and the slot should be checked. Connected well.

6. During the working process, the power output is suddenly interrupted, and when the protection indicator flashes, in this case, the power supply system generally enters the protection state. At this point, it should be divided into several situations:

A. Caused by the overheat protection function, that is, there is a problem with the rectifier cooling fan or the water cooling device. At this time, the cooling device can be checked, and the failure of the fan and the water cooling can be resumed.

B. The overcurrent protection function may be caused by the excessive output current of the power supply, which causes the rectifier to enter the overcurrent protection state. In this case, only the rectifier needs to be restarted.

C. Overvoltage, undervoltage, and phase loss protection caused by the output voltage, check whether the input is normal.

D. Due to short circuit caused by circuit and component damage in the circuit, professional maintenance personnel should be notified at this time. In this case, there will be a burnt taste, because there will be some burning damage whether it is short circuit or component damage. , will produce a paste.

7. In the case of booting according to the normal program, there is still a similar situation in the sixth case. For example, when the protection indicator flashes, the sixth fault should be analyzed and processed.

The above are some problems that some electroplating rectifiers often encounter in daily use. In fact, some problems will be discovered by careful operation, so ah, in the process of using the equipment, it should be noted that the equipment usage specifications are not regular. The maintenance and repair of the equipment can ensure the long-term use of the equipment.