How to maintain water supply equipment

- Aug 16, 2019-

The water supply equipment is a high-efficiency, energy-saving and clean secondary water supply equipment. According to the change of water consumption and water pressure of the pipe network, the equipment can keep the water pressure constant by steeples speed regulation in the process of computer network detection, calculation and feedback to meet the water consumption requirements. Compared with traditional water towers, high water tanks and pneumatic water supply equipment, the system has significant advantages in terms of water quality, construction cost, operational economy, reliability and intelligence. In recent years, it has been widely used in various secondary water supply systems for construction, sprinkler irrigation, and pressurized equipment for industrial and agricultural production.


What should be paid attention to during the operation of intelligent constant pressure water supply equipment? How to maintain it?

1. When maintaining and repairing the inverter, the main power must be disconnected for 5 minutes before operation.

2. The pump should not be operated for a long time with the outlet valve fully closed.

3. Personnel should check the tightness of the wiring screw in the electronic control system from time to time to ensure the reliability of the wiring contact surface (the power must be cut off).

4. The bearing temperature during operation should not exceed 75 degrees Celsius. When the pump is running for 500 hours, the bearing must be oiled once.

5. The main switch in the electronic control system is closed, and then the single-pole switch of the control power supply is closed, thereby performing manual and automatic operation of the device. It is forbidden to operate the automatic/manual transfer switch while the device is running. This switch can only be operated when the device is completely stopped. This switch can only be operated after the device has completely stopped.

6. The power of the touch screen is 24V DC power. After two seconds of delay, the touch screen enters the start state of the software configuration control parameters. When in use, control can be achieved by gently pressing the interface button, and it is strictly forbidden to touch any part of the screen with hard objects and devices.

7. It is strictly forbidden to start the equipment with low starting voltage frequently; otherwise it will cause damage to the equipment. The inverter and control cabinet enclosure must be reliably grounded.

8. When dispatching the test machine and water supply, we must ensure the stability of the external three-chamber power supply, and also ensure sufficient water supply to avoid the motor idling.


The pressure of the water supply network is kept constant and the entire water supply system is always in an optimal state of energy conservation. There are two ways of water supply: variable frequency water supply and pressure water supply. Variable frequency water supply is an ideal water supply method. It can automatically adjust the speed of a pump to make several pumps put into/out of operation, so that the pressure of the water supply network can be kept constant and the operation is simple.