high frequency IGBT rectifier application and advantage

- Nov 15, 2019-

High quality imported IGBT is used as the main power device and supermicrocrystal (also known as nanocrystal) soft magnetic alloy material as the transformer core. The main control system adopts multi-loop control technology and takes anti-salt fog acidizing measures in structure. The structure of power supply products is reasonable and the reliability is strong. The power supply has become the replacement product of thyristor power supply because of its small volume, light weight, high efficiency and high reliability. Suitable for experiment, oxidation, electrolysis, galvanization, nickel plating, tin plating, chromium plating, optoelectronics, smelting, formation, corrosion and other precision surface treatment places.

Our equipment lines include usual the items such a tanks, filters, pumped filtration systems, hangers, frames and power supplies, but we also carry many unique and specialized products that we can apply to your specific plating needs.

Hard chrome plating equipment:

Plating tank: soft polyvinyl chloride sheet or steel tank lined with soft polyvinyl chloride, there should be suction equipment at the side of the tank;

Rectifier: It must have sufficient capacity to match the plating tank, the ripple factor is less than 5%, and the voltage is not less than 15V;

Anode: The anode used is lead-tin alloy (tin: 7%) or lead-bismuth alloy, and the auxiliary and picto-anode should also be lead-tin or lead-bismuth alloy;

Heater: titanium, lead or polytetrafluoroethylene material;

Cooling tube: titanium or lead material;

Filter pump: The material of the filter pump should be stainless steel or a suitable chrome resistant plastic.

Cathode current and current efficiency is high, up to 22-26%

Current density can be used up to 60 amps per square decimeter, and deposition speed is greatly improved

Unlike other mixed catalyst chrome plating processes, RC-25 does not contain fluoride and does not etch low current areas of the workpiece.

The microhardness of the coating reaches 1000-1100KHN100 and the number of microcracks can reach 1000 strips/inch, thus improving the corrosion resistance.

Smooth plating and fine lighting

Uniform thickness of coating, reducing excessive deposition of high current density

Does not etch lead-tin anodes, no special anode materials are needed

The pre-treatment process, anode, plating tank, etc. are the same as the traditional chrome plating process.