Chiller classification

- Mar 16, 2019-

1. High quality compressor

As the heart of the chiller, the chiller challenge uses the new imported high quality original compressor from Europe, America and Japan. It has built-in safety protection, low noise, energy saving and durability.

2. Water tank evaporator

Stainless steel thick water tank evaporator, built-in automatic water supply and other devices, eliminating the expansion tank in the engineering installation, easy to install and maintain, and suitable for special occasions such as large temperature difference and small flow;

3. Water-cooled condenser

Made of the latest high-efficiency externally-threaded copper tube, it has a large heat dissipation, small size, and high efficiency.

4. Air-cooled condenser

High-speed punching, reliable quality, double flange, copper tube and fin more compact contact, high heat exchange efficiency, new imported copper tube and automatic elbow welding, greatly enhance the oxygen tightness, eliminate Refrigerant leakage; especially suitable for areas where water resources are scarce or water hardness is high

5. Unit configuration

It is equipped with a single-chip control system, built-in compressor drying filter and expansion valve, and maintenance of the valve interface to ensure reliable and safe operation of the machine and convenient maintenance.