Advantages of high frequency switching power supply

- Mar 17, 2021-

1. Small size and light weight, easy to plan, expand, move and install.


2. High work efficiency.


3. High technical content: The core components adopt international patented technology products, and the control circuit adopts proprietary technology, which has strong voltage stabilization performance and improves work efficiency.


4. Strong reliability: to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, reduce the occurrence of failures, complete protection, and reasonable isolation and anti-corrosion measures.


5. High control accuracy: Due to the fast response speed of the system, it is highly adaptable to changes in the power grid and load. The switching power supply has high working efficiency, so the control precision is high, which is beneficial to improve the product quality.


6. Strong flexibility: The output voltage and current are adjustable, and the voltage limit and current limit are adjustable, which greatly improves the flexibility of customers.


8. Complete protection functions: soft start protection, input AC undervoltage, overvoltage protection, output overcurrent, overheat protection, drive failure self-locking protection.


9. The output waveform is easy to modulate: Due to the high working frequency, the output waveform adjustment is relatively low in processing cost, and the output waveform can be changed more conveniently according to the user's process requirements. This has a strong effect on improving work site efficiency and improving the quality of processed products.