Industrial Air Cooled Water Chiller

20hp industrial air cooled water chiller, air cooled industrial water chiller used for hard anodizing,plating process.
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industrial air cooled water chiller description:

1. The host selects famous American original Copeland compressors with built-in safety protection, low noise, power saving, and excellent cooling effect;

2. Using the original water pump, which is particularly quiet, energy saving and low noise;

3. Equipped with a precision microcomputer controller, the accuracy is plus or minus 1 degree, and the control range is 3 degrees to 50 degrees;

4. Stainless steel open water tank, easy to clean and maintain, sturdy and durable;

5. Imported high-quality copper pipe, thickened design, filled with imported cold liquid, the effect is particularly good;

6. Perfect fully automatic control system, abnormal alarm display device;

7. The cooling unit of the water-cooled unit is a sleeve type, consisting of a set of externally threaded copper pipes, with excellent design and excellent heat exchange effect; the air-cooled unit's heat dissipation cold row, which is composed of warped blades and rows of copper pipes, is convenient for punching and turning The quality of the film is reliable, the secondary flanging copper tube is in close contact with the warped blade, and the heat exchange effect is high; the imported copper tube and fully automatic elbow welding are used to greatly enhance the air tightness and prevent the leakage of refrigeration, especially suitable for water resources Use in areas with insufficient or high water hardness;

8. Novel design, easy to move, simple operation and maintenance.



1.check the input volts for the industrial chiller first, if the phase connect wrong,it will get alarmed,pls check and make phase connect right. 

2.there is one group of tube,which is frozen water in and out. 

3.the tube will connect with the pump. 

4.the pump connect with the tank,another end of pump connect with the chiller tube(frozen water input), and the frozen water output tube connect with tank.

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