Immersion Rod

The anti-corrosion electric heating tube is made of stainless steel tube, and the spiral electric heating alloy wire (nickel-chromium, iron-chromium alloy) is uniformly distributed along the center of the tube. The gap is filled and compacted with magnesia sand with good thermal conductivity. Silicone or ceramic seal, a highly corrosive liquid for metal electric heating elements.
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1. High efficiency: High-precision products that have been thoroughly studied have no loss of heat transfer;

2. Long life: the use of high-nickel alloy heating element, with high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, and the use of heat-resistant, high-temperature insulating magnesium oxide than the traditional products, making it have a very long life;

3. Robustness: It adopts the structural design that can withstand the mechanical shock and impact during use, while the fixed baffle structure is easy to fix and use the heating pipe;

4. Electrical performance: It has excellent insulation properties, especially in the cold state, it can maintain good insulation performance;

5. Operability: Even if multiple simultaneous heaters are used, they do not interfere with each other, and wiring is easily completed in the box;

6. Types and models: various types and shapes. Available in metric and imperial sizes, regular and non-standard, and can be customized to customer requirements.

metal immersion heater

Anti-corrosion electric heating tube performance:

The tube gap portion of the anti-corrosion electric heating tube is closely filled with crystalline magnesium oxide powder having good heat resistance, thermal conductivity and insulation, and is processed by other processes. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, stability and reliability, simple installation and long service life. Widely used in a variety of highly corrosive liquids.

Anti-corrosion electric heating tube application:

Suitable for all kinds of corrosive liquid heating, it is the choice of heating equipment such as electroplating, electrolysis, degreasing, pickling, electroless nickel plating, anodizing, aluminum pouring, smelting, chemical, medicine, etc.


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