Electric Water Heater Rod

The titanium heating tube is made of titanium tube, and the electric heating alloy wire is evenly distributed along the center of the tube. The gap is filled with magnesia sand with good insulation and thermal conductivity. The ends of the tube are sealed with silica gel or ceramic. Special high corrosive liquid. The titanium heating tube has the characteristics of simple structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, safety and reliability, simple installation and long service life.
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Product installation and use

1. The electric heater is generally placed along the length (or width) of the groove, and is evenly placed on the side (or both sides) that is not touched by the operation. It is installed on the wall of the groove, and can be placed on the plate in the electrolytic cell. Between the walls of the tank.

2. The electric heater can be installed by means of slot side fixing, slot wall fixing, pole hanging and other mounting methods. The wiring mounting plate is supported with the support member and the bolt is fastened.

3. Pay attention to the three-phase balance when wiring all electric heaters. Do not connect the 220V or 380V power supply correctly, and it must be safely grounded through the leakage switch.

4. When installing, the electric heaters should be kept at a certain distance between each other. If they are close to each other, they will easily overheat and burn out.

5. Make sure that the hot part of the tube (below the red line mark) must be immersed in the solution, otherwise the electric heater will be damaged by dry burning. The syrup should be added in time during the production process to maintain the calibration level.

6. During the heating process, the electric heater cannot be taken out of the liquid. It should be powered off for several minutes until the heater is completely cooled.

7. When used for heating high-concentration solution, the heater should be taken out of the bath when it stops working.


electrical heater

water, nitrate solution, acid solution and alkali solution. It has been proved that titanium has high efficiency and long service life in anti-corrosion equipment production and is suitable for various high-corrosion liquids. In the application of electroplating equipment, the plating solution can be greatly improved without affecting the plating solution.

Special work environments require special materials.

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