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Mosquito-type-Teflon electric water heater element has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. It can be designed in various structural forms, such as spiral type, L type, U type, W type, mosquito coil type and combination type. It has been recognized by many listed companies as a long-term supplier of mosquito-repellent Teflon electric heaters.
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Teflon anti-corrosion electric heating tube application:

Suitable for all kinds of corrosive liquid heating, it is the choice of heating equipment such as electroplating, electrolysis, degreasing, pickling, electroless nickel plating, anodizing, aluminum pouring, smelting, chemical, medicine, etc.

Parameter of heater

Improper use can damage the heating tube, such as:

●Solvent temperature is too high

● When dirt occurs

● Excessive solvent

● When solvent spoiler stops

● Use prohibited drugs

● When inflation occurs

● The second chemical reaction is caused by the use of other acids

● When there is oxygen or oxidant in the solvent

● Misconnected circuit

● When corrosion occurs

● There is a solvent floating on the liquid surface

● The electric heater does not work properly due to the artificial scratching of the Teflon surface.

● When there is an insoluble gas

● Drying when the heater is working normally or the liquid level is lower than the heating section of the heater

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