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Electroplating is an electrochemical process and a redox process. The basic process of electroplating is to immerse the parts in the solution of metal salt as cathode, and the metal plate as anode. After connecting the electroplating power supply, the required coating is deposited on the parts.
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Specifying the high voltage power supply 15v 6000a plating rectifier

Haney provides a variety of dc power supply rectifiers for electroplating applications,0-300v,0-30000amp dc adjustable IGBT plating rectifier is workable for us,including IGBT model rectifiers and laboratory-style single-output power supply

Our rectifier is designed to provide years of continuous, reliable performance. All models have metal or corrosion resistant plastic case options.

our laboratory style single output power supply, specially designed for laboratory use, schools and production lines, offers a wide range of features, easy to carry and versatile.

Our IGBT model has cost competitiveness and excellent performance in controlling electroplating production. It is ideal for electroplating applications such as precious metals,Electrolytic power supply, electrophoretic power supply. Rectifier is generally used in electroplating, aluminum oxidation, electrolysis and other fields.

16V 4000A 5-

The core of any high frequency power supply is the oscillator (or inverter) used to drive the output transformer. there are too many specific designs used in the high-voltage power supply industry to be covered in this article because each manufacturer has developed its own proprietary power switch circuit. however, there is a factor unique to the high voltage power supply that must be considered in selecting the oscillator or inverter topology. Specifically, capacitors exist at the secondary level.

output voltage:15V-8000A

Place of Origin:China

Product Name:high frequency chrome plating machine anodizing power supply

Package Type:Surface Mount

Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage:15v

Peak Non-Repetitive Reverse Voltage:15v

Mean On-State Current:8000A


Power supply:50/60Hz



Voltage:0-300V adjustable

Current:0-30000A adjustable

Index parameters:

1)Input voltage range: 220VAC-480VAC (three phase)

2) Output current stability: ≤2%

3) Output voltage stability: ≤1%

4) Efficiency:  ≥85%

5) Power factor: ≥0.9

6) Start-up postponing time: ≤10s

7) Inverting frequency: 18kHz ± 2kHz (800A-1000A)

8) Cooling mode: air cooling or water cooling

9)Remote control box cable: 5 meters (Optional)





Product features:

1) Small size, light weight, high efficiency, high control precison.

2) High –frequency pulse current output, Suitable for plating small size no-ferrous metal and alloy work pieces, it has high penetration ability, strong adhesive force, and can effectively enhance the brightness of the plated surface.

3) Output voltage and current can be adjusted, limiting voltage and current can be adjusted, greatly enhance application flexibility of the product for users.

4) With complete protection functions, over current, overheat protection functions. High power factor, less pollution to the electric network no interference.

rectifier structure


why choose us

Q:Could you make the parameters per to clients’ request?

A:0-300V,0-30000amp adjustable is workable for us.


Q: How to budget the rectifier model what we want?

A:.Normally 1 cubic meter liquid matches with 800amp plating rectifier.


Q:What machine needed for zinc plating process?

A:IGBT rectifier,industrial chiller,titanium basket,filter.

Q:Do you have contacts in regards to advancements in the electroplating galvanized industry or zinc metal protection?

A:We are professional in making them,galvanized electroplating industry be needed electroplating rectifier,titanium basket,filter and industry chiller,all of them is workable for us.

Q:Is your plating rectifier with IGBT or SCR system?

A:It is with IGBT system,which is more energy saving and lighter then SCR system.

Q: How to budget the rectifier model what we want?

A:.Normally 1 cubic meter liquid matches with 800amp plating rectifier.

PP tank2

The rectifier has no moving parts except the fan or pump used for cooling. properly installed and operated at specified temperatures, they should last for a long time. As with any other equipment, regular maintenance is paid. Replace or clean air filters regularly and stay away from boxes or other items that interfere with air flow. Ensure fan blade safety. Maintain pumps and filters. Keep semiconductors and radiators clean to help cool. Check all control meters – buttons and lights etc – regularly and replace if necessary. Rectifiers are usually on-board diagnostics showing fault points on their digital displays. Ammeter, voltmeter and oscilloscope help to isolate faults. You don't have to be an electrical engineer to repair the rectifier, but you have to understand the electrical equipment and be aware of the dangers of high voltage and current. Rectifier suppliers provide detailed manuals and parts lists to help repair and minimize downtime. 


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