Rectifier For Zinc Plating

We provide high efficiency, high accuracy, high reliability, high frequency IGBT based rectifier for electroplating industry. Modular based, support convenient current expansion through modules parallel connection, compact size.
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12v dc 500a-3000a for zinc electroplating,these rectifier units are suitable for all electro deposition processes within their rating, at various current capacities as per requirement.

Plating is a surface covering in which a metal is deposited on a conductive surface. Plating is used to decorate objects, for corrosion inhibition, or to improve solderability, to harden, to reduce friction, to improve paint adhesion, to alter conductivity, and for a variety of other purposes.
Haney rectifier saves energy. Eletroplaters can reduce the production cost by using this new generation rectifier, this rectifier is with many more unique features.In some forms of plating electrical current is used to deposit the coating material onto the conductive part. Parts are dipped into a bath or tank where direct current (DC) is applied by the plating rectifier between the parts and electrode (anode and cathode DC arrangement). The coating, driven by the electric field, is attracted to the conductive part and is deposited on it. Depending upon the specific coating requirements, the DC voltage and ripple voltage are closely controlled and filtered to ensure a high quality finish.


The D. C. output of plating rectifier is continuously and steplessly variable from zero to the full rated voltage for any input voltage between 220 to 480 volts and for any load between zero to its rated full load. The ripple content in the output is very low (approximately 5%) and as such these units are very much suitable for all special processes such as chrome plating or hard chrome plating where low ripple content is necessary.

The electroplating rectifiers are widely applied for metal and plastic plating, rack plating, barrel plating and continuous plating, plating types include:
-Chrome plating and hard chrome plating;
-Nickel plating;
-Copper plating;
-Zinc plating;
-Tin plating;

Why choose switch mode power supply?
I believe that most people still use oil cooling Thyristor rectifier, Oil cooling SCR power supply is good, but compared with switch mode power supply,IGBT rectifier have many advantages over SCR rectifier,therefore, they are now more and more used for electroplating process to replace SCR rectifier.
Why I recommend switch mode power supply, please reference below points:
1. Lower cost
2. High conversion efficiency, power saving
3. long time 7 days 24 hours continuous running
4. Compact size, modular structure, less size
5. Low pollution to grid, power factor>0.94
6. Not affected by power fluctuation, 100% output, don't need extra capacity


Q:Is the programming done on the controller itself or do you need to do it with a computer?
A:If just for the anodizing,the programming will be settled done well on the controller itself.

Q: Can you inform me how much is the consumption input (on volt AC) per phase for both rectifier's on maximum capacity output?

A: The consumption of amper input:

60.7amp for 12v 3000amp rectifier with 380v three phase.

50.6amp for 12v 2500amp rectifier with 380v three phase.

Q:Could you let us know wh 24v 10000A can handle 50m3 / h flow or not or will process into many small clusters with how many electrodes can meet the needs of our company sewage industry textile dyeing and paper production?

A:It could be reach it the flow,the electroode plate will be the distance of every 20cm.

Q:what is the output frequency and duty cycle? Does the frequency and duty cycle fixed or adjustable?

A:The out frequency is 18-20khz that can't be adjustable, duty cycle is 75% adjustable.

Q:Is your plating rectifier with IGBT or SCR system?

A:It is with IGBT system,which is more energy saving and lighter then SCR system.





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