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Chromium plating is a process of plating thin chromium veneer on the bottom metal. Sometimes used for decorative purposes, chrome plating can also be used as a layer of protection. Typically, chromium plating is applied to metal objects when there is more chance of corrosion.
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5000a 12v  water cooling IGBT rectifier for hard chrome plating, switch dc power supply

Chrome Plating Machine is generally used on the surface of the product position of the die. After chrome plating treatment, the mold, workpiece will have the advantages of smooth surface, smooth, easy to demoulding, no rust and so on.

In electroplating industry, the output voltage of working power supply is low and the current is very large. Power requirements are also relatively high, generally thousands of kilowatts to dozens of kilowatts. At present, such high-power electroplating power supply generally adopts thyristor phase-controlled rectifier. Its disadvantages are large volume, low efficiency, high noise, low power factor, large output ripple, slow dynamic response and poor stability.

The output voltage of electroplating switching power supply is continuously adjustable from 0~12 V、 current from 0 to 5000, and the full load output power is 60 kW. Because of the use of ZVT soft switch technology, and the use of a better heat dissipation structure, the power supply has met the requirements of users, has been put into production in small quantities.

Chromium plating as a functional coating in industry, chromium coating can meet various special requirements. In particular, the chromium coating has high hardness, porous, and can be thickened repair parts, is difficult to achieve other coatings. Therefore, chromium plating has a special position in engineering applications.The actual process of chrome plating involves five basic stages. In the first stage, careful attention is paid to the metallic object that is to receive the plating treatment. Chemicals will be used to degrease the metal, helping to ensure that the surface is free of any components that could cause the plating to fail. Along with the degreasing process, a thorough cleaning of the surface will also help to remove any remaining residue, such as tiny particles of dirt.

A full load output power of 60 kW (5000AP12V) high power low voltage and high current switching power supply is used to realize zero voltage soft switch by using soft switch phase full bridge control mode. The output performance is improved by using multiple transformer series-parallel structure. The capacitive power bus is designed and used to reduce the oscillation in the system, reduce the heating of the power bus, and achieve satisfactory results.

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Q: How to budget the rectifier model what we want?

A:.Normally 1 cubic meter liquid matches with 800amp plating rectifier.

Q:If I plan to build a new plating factory, what do I need to do?

A:It would be better if you can communicate with your technician for the process details,and see what items needed and make a purchasing plan. We would be helpful if you need any suggestion from us.

Q:What other products related to chrome electroplating (apart the rectifier) could you offer to me to buy together with the rectifier?

A:Rectifier,filter,tank,titanium exchanger and titanium heaters will be needed for chrome plating,temperature control box,industrial chiller,pump are optional.

Q:Do you have contacts in regards to advancements in the electroplating galvanized industry or zinc metal protection?

A:We are professional in making them,galvanized electroplating industry be needed electroplating rectifier,titanium basket,filter and industry chiller,all of them is workable for us.

Q:Is the programming done on the controller itself or do you need to do it with a computer?
A:If just for the anodizing,the programming will be settled done well on the controller itself.

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Quick Details

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Brand Name:Haney

Model Number:HN-12V-5000A

Output Power:60KW

Output Type:Multiple

Input Voltage:220V/380VAC/480VAC (Three phase)

Output Voltage:12V

Output Current:0- 5000A continuously adjustable

Type:Bridge Rectifier

Application:Inverter/Converter, Plating Rectifier

Package Type:Surface Mount, Wooden case

Control Type:Remote Control

Module:IGBT Module

Cooling Mode:Air cooling

Model:Switching mode

Warranty:One year

Certification:CE,ISO 9001

Production cycle:4-7 days

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