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12v 3000amp air cooled industrial power supply for plating,anodizing....
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12v 3000amp air cooled industrial power supply 

3000amp  rectifier

High frequency rectifier parameter design

Product specifications: 12V-3000A(current&voltage adjustable)

Input voltage: 380V3P/50HZ, custom 220V3P, 415V3P/50~60HZ, error value ±10%, rated power 0~36KW

Output voltage: DC0-18V adjustable, output current: 0-4000A adjustable (digital display)

Output mode: voltage regulation, steady current conversion, cooling method: water cooling (optional air cooling)

Output frequency: 20~35KHZ, ripple factor ≈3.9%

Protection technology: 70°C automatic protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, phase loss protection

Working mode: remote control box controls operating voltage and current or timing, remote line length is 5 meters (extension needs to be explained)

Main components: Germany Infineon driver chip, Infineon IGBT, China SL Nitrate, rectifier bridge

Conductor material: T2 copper sheet, braid, transformer material: nano crystal core, copper enameled wire (conductor cross section national standard specifications)

Control circuit: self-produced main control circuit board, drive circuit board, split structure, port connected by computer cable (more than 10 years technology precipitation)

Haney high frequency rectifier product features:

1. High efficiency: The transformer is made of nanocrystalline soft magnetic material and adopts full-wave output, so as to reduce the hysteresis loss as much as possible, and the transformer conversion rate is as high as 95% or more;

2, anti-corrosion: the chassis is made of cold-rolled steel paint. The main electronic components are installed in the sealed box. All the electronic components are insulated and treated. Even if the machine is slightly damp, it will not affect the normal operation. It can adapt to the common acid and alkaline environment. The multiple protection technology makes the machine run stably and ensure the service life.

3, easy to maintain: main control circuit board, drive circuit board, operation panel port, using computer cable plug-in design, simple and intuitive convenient maintenance, maintenance. The user's electrician can easily solve the general fault of the machine according to the guidelines of our company;

4, the effect is good: the machine output DC square wave, high-frequency power supply filter circuit technology, improve the density of current, the application is more efficient and energy-saving;

5, there is a margin: electronic components and important components with a margin, output power ≥ 85% in various environments can run continuously.

(The product is continuously improved, the above data is subject to change without notice)


Q1. What optional functions does the machine have?

A: Optional: automatic (manual) positive and negative reversing, filtering, timing (automatic / manual), temperature control, ampere accumulation, 485 communication, touch screen control, soft start and other functions. Cooling method: air-cooled / water-cooled.

Q2. What are the advantages of the machine?

A: New original parts, margin design, independent core technology; each machine implements aging detection, infrared detection, 300KVA power supply high-power models can be fully loaded. The company has passed ISO international quality certification and SGS certification.

Q3. Do you have stock for this model? Delivery can be received in a few days, is transportation safe?

A: Commonly used models, such as 50~500-1000-2000-3000-4000-5000-6000-8000A specifications, are generally available in stock. If there is no spot, it can be delivered in 3~4 days.  It can be received in 5-7 days, and the product is packaged in wood structure, which is safe and secure. 

Q4. What is the guarantee of product quality?

A:  1 year warranty, optional extended warranty. Can be on-site service or returned to the factory for processing. Eligible users or agents can train your daily maintenance technicians free of charge to solve your worries.

Q5. What are the guarantees for product service?

A: After-sales service provides 24/7 technical support, and spare machines are available in case of emergency. The machine is inconvenient due to repeated quality reasons, and can be replaced immediately!


Our main products include:

  1. high frequency IGBT rectifier

  2. rotator machine

  3. industrial chiller

  4. immersion heater


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