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Electroplating is the electrolytic deposition of an adhering (metal) layer on an electrode, aiming to give surface properties which differ from those of the base material. For instance, a very thin metal layer (thinner than a human hair) is often a very effective protection against corrosion.
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Haney CE certification 12v 1000a 380v 3phase RS485 Module plating rectifier 

12v 1000a with RS485 1

Haney electroplating power supply series products-index parameters:

1. Input voltage: single phase/three phase 220v-480v

2. Output voltage: 0-300v (optional)

3. Output current: 0-30000a (optional)

4. Stable mode: stable current and voltage limit, voltage stabilization and current limit can be switched

5. Adjustment range: current/voltage is continuously adjusted within 0-100 rated value

6. Voltage regulation accuracy: ≤±1%

7. Steady flow accuracy: ≤±1%

8. Overall efficiency: ≥90%

9. Power factor: ≥0.90

10. Cooling method: air cooling, water cooling

11. Control mode: remote control

12. Display mode: voltage and current meter display, 12v 1000a, working, overheating, fault display

13. Protection mode: input overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, 12v1000a oxidation power supply, output short circuit protection, overheat protection, 12v1000a rectifier, with self-locking protection function for driving failure (effective protection of igbt work).

14. Working limit: can operate at full load

15. Ambient temperature: -20℃~50℃

16. Environmental humidity: ≤90%

17. Altitude above sea level: ≤1000m

18.Start mode: soft start, start with load

19. Control mode: local control, touch screen, anti-corrosion remote control box (digital meter, pointer meter)

20. Control interface: optional pcl, rs485, profibus, device-net and other communication interfaces

21. Remote control box: anti-corrosion remote control box (digital display or mechanical watch), programmable control box, control box with ammeter, control box with timing, control box with timing and ampere meter fucntion.

drawing of plating



Q: What's output volts for the copper electro-winning rectifier?

A: Normally 18-24volts.

Q: What other products related to chrome electroplating (apart the rectifier) could you offer to me to buy together with the rectifier?

A: Rectifier,filter,tank,titanium exchanger and titanium heaters will be needed for chrome plating,temperature control box,industrial chiller,pump are optional.

Q: If I plan to build a new plating factory, what do I need to do?

A: It would be better if you can communicate with your technician for the process details,and see what items needed and make a purchasing plan. We would be helpful if you need any suggestion from us.

Q: How to budget the rectifier model what we want?

A:.Normally 1 cubic meter liquid matches with 800amp plating rectifier.

Q: Is the programming done on the controller itself or do you need to do it with a computer?

A: If just for the anodizing,the programming will be settled done well on the controller itself.

production line

Mechanical surface treatment  Mechanical electroplating is a room temperature process in which the object to be plated (usually steel) is mixed with powdered metal and inert particles (eg glass beads) in water. The deposited metal becomes the cold-welded substrate surface, including zinc, zinc alloy, copper, tin and aluminum, and some combinations of these. Process sequence 1. Parts pretreatment, pickling, degreasing, etc. 2. Copper flash electroplating 3. Tin flash electroplating 4. Metal dust addition 5. Tumble washing 7. Offline passivation advantages  No hydrogen embrittlement  The steel cannot be pulled back  Good corrosion resistance  Uniform deposition thickness.



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