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Installation and commissioning of electroplating power supply 1. Place the electroplating power supply well and keep the body stable; ensure that the power supply is well ventilated. Do not have any objects within 0.5m before and after the power supply; in order to improve the service life of...
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12v 1000a air cooling



   The cabinet body of the rectifier cabinet adopts the combined structure of steel or aluminum alloy to reduce the eddy current loss. The copper double-hole busbar drawn in the cabinet is used as the basic rectifier arm to form various electrical connection circuits, and the silicon component is directly pressed on the double-hole busbar. As a busbar and a cooler, the component branch has no current sharing reactor, and the structure is compact, which makes the whole system, small loss, high efficiency and low noise.

   The same-phase anti-parallel high-power rectifier cabinet adopts double-sided maintenance structure, steel structure glass door or aluminum alloy glass door, which can realize integrated installation of rectifier transformer, shorten busbar connection length, reduce inductance and improve power factor. And have a certain degree of anti-corrosion performance.

   Rectifier cabinet in and out line mode: generally up and down, or down and up. It can be designed to go up or down or down and down in special needs, which can fully meet the requirements of users.

   The in-phase anti-parallel rectification device can adopt a large-section busbar for the inlet side of the AC valve to improve the magnetic field distribution, improve the current distribution balance of the components, and reduce the lead reactance and connection loss.

   The control cabinet is generally cooled by natural ventilation. For use in special environments, it is optional to use a closed type.

The system is equipped with a bridge arm current display, a single rectifying element is overloaded, and an over-current will give an audible and visual alarm to protect the opening and avoid the chain reaction of the burning rectifying element. At the same time, there are over voltage, over current, phase loss, under flow, water pressure, flow rate and water temperature. Oil temperature overheating, surge current protection, display and alarm circuits.

The MCU trigger control system and automatic current regulation system are also installed in the cabinet. Improve the stability and reliability of the system. The control system with special requirements can be equipped with PLC or computer.


Ordering instructions

     The following basic elements should be clearly defined when ordering products:

         Rectified voltage and rectified current;

         AC power supply voltage level, phase number, frequency and voltage fluctuation range;

         Voltage regulation mode, range and external characteristics (whether operating in parallel);

         Geographical environment

         In and out line mode of the rectifying device;

         Load type

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