Chrome Plating Rectifier

provide OEM, ODM customization;Professional product design team;Advanced production process
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Product Details

 Output voltage

 DC 0-12/24/36/48V...300V adjustable

 Output current

 DC 0-100/200/300/400/500A/1000A....30000A adjustable

 Regulation range


 Power factor

 ≥0.9(full load)

 Accuracy of output current, voltage



 ≥90%(full load)

 Protection grade

 IP54 for water cooling, IP30 for forced air cooling

 Cooling method

 Water cooling or forced air cooling

 Control mode

 CC,CV,PWM Pulse control

 Operation mode

 Local touch screen, front pannel, remote control box or communication

 Communication protocol

 RS485, Profibus DP, MODBUS

 Working method

 Long time full load continuous operation


 Overheat, input over/under voltage, output overvoltage, output overcurrent, over water temperature, under water pressure.


Five advantages:

1. Specializing in the production of high frequency rectifiers;

Bronze connection at room temperature, pure copper nano transformer;

Continuous use for 48 hours, with a service life of up to 10 years


2, provide OEM, ODM customization;

Professional product design team;

Advanced production process


3, safe functional protection

Multiple automatic protection functions such as soft start, short circuit, over voltage, phase loss, over current, over temperature, etc.

Effective troubleshooting, automatic system recovery, and sound and color alarm system


4. Rich industry experience, the number of service companies exceeds 2,000, and the customer base is spread all over the world;

Integrity, efficiency, high quality, and win-win development concept


Scientific cooling method

*Water-cooled switching power supply can take away heat in an instant, closed design, strong corrosion resistance

*Air-cooled switching power supply speeds up air flow in the device and reduces temperature during operation

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