12 Volt Rectifier

1.High reliability: On the basis of many years of application in the electroplating industry, after continuous innovation, the whole machine design is reasonable, the main parts are made of high quality imported components, the core components adopt international patent technology products, the...
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1000A 水冷-11000A water cooling-6


This series of products are mainly used as rectification power supply equipment for galvanizing, copper, tin, nickel, chrome, gold, silver and other electroplating processes required for metal surface protection. It can also be used as a low voltage, high current power source required for anodizing power supply or electrolysis process.

2. Main technical parameters

1) Voltage regulation range: 0~100%Udn.

2) Voltage regulation or steady current accuracy: not less than ±1%.

3) Load class: Class I (100% rated current continuous).

4) Cooling method: air or water cooling


The company provides high-frequency rectifiers, which are mainly used in various electroplating, oxidation, electrolysis, electrochemical treatment, etc., with complete functions and convenient operation. With small size, light weight, high precision, power saving and other performance characteristics:

Input voltage: AC 220 volts or 380 volts

Output voltage: DC0~200V

Output current: 0~10000 amps

Available in both air-cooled and water-cooled styles, for customers to choose according to the factory environment


1. High stability: advanced technology, imported core components, strict quality control, perfect protection function, and comprehensive improvement of product stability.

2, high-precision control: high-frequency switch control, fast response, output control accuracy can reach 1%.

3, good power saving effect: higher working efficiency, higher power factor, compared with thyristor power saving 15% ~ 30%.

4, small size, light weight: for the thyristor rectifier 1 / 5 ~ 1/10, easy to carry and install.

5, the protection function is complete: with phase loss, over voltage, under voltage, short circuit, over current, overheating, (water shortage) and other protection, all-round care equipment.

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