Electrowinning Rectifier

Product number Input voltage: three-phase AC380V ± 15%?? Single phase AC220V±15%? 50HZ Output current: 0-20000A optional Output voltage: 0-6V 12V 18V 36V optional Cooling method: forced air cooling, water cooling Voltage regulation accuracy: ≤1% Steady flow accuracy: ≤1% Rated efficiency: ≥90%...
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500a rectifier


1. High efficiency: The transformer is made of nanocrystalline soft magnetic material and adopts full-wave output, so as to reduce the hysteresis loss as much as possible, and the transformer conversion rate is over 95%;

2, anti-corrosion: The chassis is made of cold-rolled steel paint. The main electronic components are installed in the sealed box. All the electronic components are insulated and treated. Even if the machine is slightly damp, it will not affect the normal operation. It can adapt to the common acid and alkaline environment. The multiple protection technology makes the machine run stably and ensure the service life.

3, easy to maintain: main control circuit board, drive circuit board, operation panel port, using computer cable plug-in design, simple and intuitive convenient maintenance, maintenance. The user's electrician can easily solve the general fault of the machine according to the guidelines of our company;

4, the effect is good: the machine output DC square wave, high-frequency power supply filter circuit technology, improve the density of current, application more efficient, energy-saving;

5, there is a margin: electronic components and important components with a margin, in various environments, the output power ≥ 85% can run continuously.


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1. Small size, light weight and high efficiency

With a unique assembly structure and rational application of nanotechnology, the product is miniaturized and lightweight, which saves space and improves efficiency.

2. High frequency pulse current output

It is suitable for the plating process of non-ferrous metals and alloys. It has strong penetrating power and good adhesion, which can effectively improve the deposition speed of the coating.

3. Flexible to use and easy to operate

Output voltage and current are arbitrarily adjustable. Stable and steady flow conversion. It can be flexibly set according to the plating process requirements.

4. Complete protection function

It has many protection functions such as input undervoltage, overvoltage, phase loss protection, output overcurrent, overheating, etc. The product is stable and reliable. The internal structure is treated by air duct, and the electronic components are all sealed. It reduces the influence of the external environment on the internal components of the equipment.

5. Scalable features

Timing control function, communication function (additional 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V standard control signal interface).

Soft start function, current integration function (ampere hours).

6. Complete model

Output specifications (output voltage, output current) are optional.

Optional function control is optional.

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