Electrocoagulation Rectifier

Haney is one of top supplier of high frequency power supply,with reasonably price and automatic and manual polarity reversing cycles as a standard feature suitable for the most stringent wastewater treatments applicable found in many industries,and electrocoagulation rectifiers supplied to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam customers.
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bannerElectrocoagulation rectifier automatic polarity reversing,IGBT high frequency switching power technology 

The product adopts IGBT inverter soft switch rectifier technology, is mainly as finish electroplating rectifier power supply of all kinds of application,such as Anodizing,Brush plating,Electrodegreasing,Electroetching,Electroforming


The following programmable parameters are pre-set before start of operation, the unit will automatically adjust to settings on start:

1) CV mode or CC mode operation.
2) Forward V output 0 to unit maximum rating when in CV mode or A output 0 to unit maximum rating when in CC mode.
3) Reverse V output 0 to unit maximum rating when in CV mode or A output 0 to unit maximum rating when in CC mode.
4) Timer unit in either 0.1 S or S or M.
5) Timer forward working duration.
6) Timer reverse working duration.
7) Timer forward and reverse total working duration to auto cut off.

Remote control electrocoagulation rectifiers series are heavy duty units perfect for use in small to large wastewater treatment plant installations.

Our rectifiers dedicated to water, wastewater and chemical treatment are treated with additional anti-corrosion coating to protect internal component against moisture and corrosive fumes.

These can be used to run any coagulation or oxidation or hybrid coagulation/oxidation cells.



The electrocoagulation process…is based on valid scientific principles involving responses of water contaminants to strong electric fields, currents, and electrically induced oxidation and reduction reactions. Depending on the solution matrix, this process is able to take out over 99 percent of some heavy metal cations and also appears to be able to disrupt cell wall or cell membrane of microorganisms in the water. It is also able to precipitate charged colloids and remove significant amounts of other ions, colloids, and emulsions . When the system is in place, the operating costs including electric power, replacement of electrodes, pump maintenance, and labor can be less than $1 per thousand gallons for many applications. Potential applications to agriculture and quality of rural life include removal of pathogens and heavy metals from drinking water and decontamination of food processing wash waters.

Electrocoagulation is an advanced water treatment technology and is used to remove a wide variety of contaminants such as metal ions, solids, colloidal solids, colored compounds, dissolved solids, fats, oils, diesel, complex organic compounds, bacteria and viruses.

The advantage of electrocoagulation is the versatile removal of pollutants. No additional use of chemicals is required. The result is less sludge and stable and extremely robust wastewater treatment technology.

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