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Pulse rectifier plating is a powerful tool to control metal outer tank electrodeposition. It uses the time function to improve the physical and chemical properties of the plating coating film by changing the pulse parameters, to achieve savings in precious metals and obtain a functional electroplating coating film purposes. Pulse rectifier electro plating belongs modulation current plating, its current is a fluctuation or on/off DC rush current, therefore, is essentially on-off DC plating. There are a variety of pulsed current waveform, commonly as square wave, triangle wave, sawtooth, order staircase wave etc.. However, in application situation, typical pulse power generated square wave pulse current is widely used.
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16v 4000a (

Haney CE standard 15v 5000a plating rectifier for chrome electroplating
IGBT modules design, DSP digital control, programmable, high accuracy, fast response speed, reversal time setting etc.We could meet your requirment custom design,welcome to your inquiry.

DC Output voltage 0~15v continously adjustable

Output current 0~5000a digital display,adjustable

Switching frequency 18-20khz

AC input  Three phase

Voltage  range AC 220V/380v/400V/415V/480v

Frequency range :50/60HZ

Cooling way Water cooling or forced air cooling

Efficiency Communication protocol RS485, Profibus DP, MODBUS

Output voltage DC 0-12/24/36/48V...300V adjustable

Output current DC 0-100/200/300/400/500A/1000A....30000A adjustable

Regulation range 0-100%

Accuracy of output current, voltage ≤0.1%

Efficiency ≥90%(full load)

Cooling method Water cooling or forced air cooling

Operation mode Local touch screen, front pannel, remote control box or communication

Communication protocol RS485, Profibus DP, MODBUS

Working method Long time full load continuous operation

Protections Overheat, input over/under voltage, output overvoltage, output overcurrent, over water temperature, under water pressure.

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control box of rectifier

application 2

Q:Is the programming done on the controller itself or do you need to do it with a computer?
A:If just for the anodizing,the programming will be settled done well on the controller itself.

Q:Could you let us know wh 24v 10000A can handle 50m3 / h flow or not or will process into many small clusters with how many electrodes can meet the needs of our company sewage industry textile dyeing and paper production?

A:It could be reach it the flow,the electroode plate will be the distance of every 20cm.

Q:Could you make the parameters per to clients’ request?

A:0-300V,0-30000amp adjustable is workable for us.

Q:What other products related to chrome electroplating (apart the rectifier) could you offer to me to buy together with the rectifier?

A:Rectifier,filter,tank,titanium exchanger and titanium heaters will be needed for chrome plating,temperature control box,industrial chiller,pump are optional.

Q:Do you have contacts in regards to advancements in the electroplating galvanized industry or zinc metal protection?

A:We are professional in making them,galvanized electroplating industry be needed electroplating rectifier,titanium basket,filter and industry chiller,all of them is workable for us.

rectifier feedback 2

Electropolishing is ideal for medical equipment and dental equipment. Other applications include: food processing and food processing equipment, semiconductor equipment, springs, precision stamping parts, gears and splines. Not every part is suitable for electropolishing, so it is important to consult your application specialist for information about the new application you are considering. Electropolishing-Features Finish   The main function of electrolytic polishing is to improve the appearance of parts. It cleans, polishes and brightens stainless steel in a way that no other method can achieve, and it can also remove small burrs. The result can be easily seen with the naked eye, so no additional finishing operations and costs are required. The complex components that require micromachining have been greatly improved. As a result, friction, leakage and wear problems can be eliminated. Corrosion resistance   Although stainless steel is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, it can still corrode when impurities remain on the metal surface. Electropolishing can dissolve a small layer of metal on the surface of the part. Remove impurities, brighten the surface, super passivate and prevent rust.


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