Anodizing plating rectifier with touch screen

Haney High frequency air-cooled rectifier is widely used in electroplating, electrolysis, oxidation, electrophoresis, heating and other fields, especially for galvanizing, tin plating, copper plating, chromium plating, nickel plating and other industries.
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Haney 24v 300a anodizing plating rectifier with touch screen,easy to operate,and could be set up for many sections on screen by yourslef.
24v 300a with touch screen
Haney CE standard IGBT high frequency power supply,Power conversion loss is much smaller than silicon rectifier; high conversion rate, excellent heat dissipation performance ,20%-30% more SCR power saving, for electroplating enterprises to reduce costs will play an important role in the supply of electro-forming rectifier/ electro-plating high-frequency switching power supply. supply oxidation electroforming rectifier / electroplating high frequency switching power supply product features 1, stable circuit design, strong reliability, good follower, high stability; very suitable for long-term continuous operation of electroplating power supply. supply oxidation electroforming rectifier/plating high frequency switching power supply 2, the whole machine loss is small, high efficiency. The 3.IGBT drive adopts the self-developed high-performance drive circuit, which has high driving power and ensures that the IGBT can work normally. 4. the whole machine design is reasonable, small volume, light weight.

Product Specification: Output DC Current :0~10 A,100A …… 30000A optional; output DC voltage :0~6 V,12V,24V…… 600V optional pulse duty cycle :0~100% continuously adjustable; pulse frequency :0~20000 continuously adjustable; unique aspects:

titan basket

9KW temperature box

Q:Is the programming done on the controller itself or do you need to do it with a computer?A:If just for the anodizing,the programming will be settled done well on the controller itself.

Q: Can you inform me how much is the consumption input (on volt AC) per phase for both rectifier's on maximum capacity output?

A: The consumption of amper input:

60.7amp for 12v 3000amp rectifier with 380v three phase.

50.6amp for 12v 2500amp rectifier with 380v three phase.

Q:What’s output volts for the electrophoresis process?

A:Normally 100-300volts dc.

Q:What machine needed for zinc plating process?

A:IGBT rectifier,industrial chiller,titanium basket,filter.

Q:Is the output 36V DC or 36V pulsed square wave?

36V dc output with pulsed square wave.

A:If the output is pulsed square wave, is it 0 to +36V or -36V to +36V?

 it is 0 to +36V adjustable.
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