4000a dc rectifier with RS485 function

Haney CE 4000a anodizing plating rectifier with RS485,Our main products include high frequency IGBT rectifier,immersion heater,industrial chiller,rotator machine and Printing machine which are all suitable for electroplating area. Our products exported worldwide for more than 15 years. Stable quality,fast delivery&competitive price is our advantage.
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Haney CE standard 380v three phase 4000a plating rectifier with RS485 function control system16v 4000a 3

High Frequency Power supply as an essential equipment in electrical equipment, its application market involves electronic and electrical equipment, electronic detection equipment, control equipment, computers, home appliances and other electronic industries. As the main power device, the main control system adopts the multi-loop control technology, and the structure takes the anti-salt fog acidization measure. Rectifier is used for electrolysis, electroplating, electrophoretic treatment, as a power supply equipment. Mainly to the standard input power supply current, voltage and so on to adjust the machine. Rectifier also known as electroplating power supply, electrolytic power supply, electrophoretic power supply. Rectifier is generally used in electroplating, aluminum oxidation, electrolysis and other fields. Electroplated rectifier also known as electroplating rectifier or high frequency rectifier.

PVC tank

application 2


1. plating: chromium, zinc, nickel, copper, gold, silver

2. metal smelting: aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, manganese, magnesium, etc.

3. ion membranes: salt electrolysis, etc.

Graphite furnace 4. silicon carbide smelting

5. experimental power supply

6. copper foil, aluminum foil special power supply

7. electrochemistry: chlor-alkali, etc.

8. electrolysis: copper, zinc, tin, lead, aluminum foil, copper foil



Haney High frequency powe supply 4000a plating rectifer with RS485 for the zinc electrplating 


Q:Is your plating rectifier with IGBT or SCR system?

A:It is with IGBT system,which is more energy saving and lighter then SCR system.

Q:What other products related to chrome electroplating (apart the rectifier) could you offer to me to buy together with the rectifier?

A:Rectifier,filter,tank,titanium exchanger and titanium heaters will be needed for chrome plating,temperature control box,industrial chiller,pump are optional.

Q:If I plan to build a new plating factory, what do I need to do?

A:It would be better if you can communicate with your technician for the process details,and see what items needed and make a purchasing plan. We would be helpful if you need any suggestion from us.

Q:Could you make the parameters per to clients’ request?

A:0-300V,0-30000amp adjustable is workable for us.


Q: How to budget the rectifier model what we want?

A:.Normally 1 cubic meter liquid matches with 800amp plating rectifier.


Q:What machine needed for zinc plating process?

A:IGBT rectifier,industrial chiller,titanium basket,filter.

Immersion heater of titanium heater:

2kw3kw titanium heater

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