200A Silver Gold Electroplating Rectifier

200amp 300amp silver gold electroplating rectifier,easy to control and maintain
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Product Details

1.Specifications:200A/300A/500A.Input voltage:220V

2.long life motor/New design board

3.100% copper conductive materials/thicker metal gear

4.Customizable stainless steel swing headstock

5.Installation position Dimensions:298mm

6.Brass hooks are Ø12/Ø14

7.Copper hook regular length:800mm(can be extended,can be made active)

8.The mercury in the wiggler has leak proof treatment and will not spill over during the course of the flow (mercury adde

 d 1 times in 1years)

The electroplating swing head is also called electroplating rotating head. The equipment has beautiful appearance, best performance, and complete functions. It is widely used in chemical and electroplating production, especially for the uniformity of copper plating, nickel, gold, silver, and chromium There are better improvements.

Chinese name electroplating swing head aka electroplating rotary head Application scope Chemical and electroplating production Features Beautiful appearance, best performance, complete functions

1. Equipped with automatic and manual control functions, driven by the trigger signal, the rotary head can work automatically and automatically stop when it is not plated, saving energy.

2. Automatic alarm function, when the preset time is up, there will be an automatic alarm to remind the staff to pick up the goods, which can accurately control the plating time

3. Equipped with a rotation speed regulator, which can be adjusted according to requirements

4. Equipped with return time adjuster, which can control the forward rotation period of the swing head

5. The internal mercury is conductive, and the mercury cup is fully enclosed. The mercury will not flow out when it is moved to ensure good conductivity.

 Haney rotator machine

Firstly,put the rotator machine on the holder,and use the screw to hold the copper hook well.

Secondly,connect the electrical soft line with negative pole of the rectifier. And the positive pole of rectifier connected with the tank negative pole.

Thirdly,turn on the power, transfer to the button of “Auto/manual”, “auto” is used frequently, as it can save energy and make the machine life longer,because it will stop by itself if there is nothing to be plated.

Speed:if you think the speed is too slow, press the”down arrow”, if you think speed is too fast, press the “up arrow”.

Time:you can set the time you want,when time is enough it will alarm.

The overload signal:when the hanger products exceed the work current,the signal will be red. It cannot over 300a,there should be some tolerance,80% current can be used,this is better for the rotator machine.

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