2000amp Nickel Plating Rectifier

ac to dc adjustable voltage currrent 2000amp Nickel Plating Rectifier suitable for various metal plating.
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Product Details

ac to dc adjustable voltage 2000amp Nickel Plating Rectifier 

Optional function:

RS485,PLC,Touch screen.

auto/manual timer,ampere hour accumulation


Suitable for experiment, oxidation, electrolysis, galvanization, nickel plating, tin plating, chromium plating, optoelectronics, smelting, formation, corrosion and other precision surface treatment places.

12v 2000a plating rectifier

Product Advantages

Energy Savings

Haney offers near 90% efficiency across the DC output range. This could mean significant cost savings when compared to current rectifier installations.

Upgradeable Power

If your future power requirements change, don’t buy a new rectifier, simply add more power modules to your Haney or reconfigure your existing Haney to meet your updated requirements.


Simple design, easy accessibility, and self-diagnosing power modules makes the Haney easy to trouble-shoot, service and repair.

Fail-Safe Operation

The modular design offers built in fail-safe operation. If one power module goes down, the rectifier will not stop, it will continue to run at reduced output power.

Space Saving

Compact design and capability to stack several units in one tower makes efficient use of shop floor space.


Pinpoint DC voltage and DC amperage settings combined with high quality DC output means less variables for your process.

Low Ripple

Less than 2% of rated output current in the entire range of regulation. Typical value at nominal output current is less than 0.2%. This standard feature is perfect for ripple sensitive processes.

High Power Factor

≥0.93 @ rated load means no reactive power penalty on your electricity bill and less strain on your local AC supply.

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