High Frequency Dc Rectifier

Haney equipment mainly produce rectifiers,specialized in high-frequency switching power supply equipment development, production, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises.We have rich experiences in this industry and exported more than thousand of units to more than 40 countries. The Products are widely used Chrome,Zine,Nickel,Copper,Gold,Silver etc.
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Haney CE certification IGBT 12V 10000A High Frequency Dc Rectifier


Haney is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of high-frequency switching power supply equipment.Electrochemical field: electroplating zinc, chromium, nickel, tin, etc.; electrolytic rare earth, ionic membrane caustic soda, potassium alkali, electrolytic manganese, electrolytic manganese dioxide, electrolytic lead, electrolytic copper, electrolytic copper foil, electrolytic processing, polarized power supply, anti-corrosion Corrosion power supply, electrophoresis power supply

Characteristics of electroplating power supply

1. Compared with SCR power supply, it has higher efficiency, light weight and small volume;

2. High precision of voltage stabilization and current stabilization;

3. Low interference to the power grid and low ripple;

4. High reliability and multiple protection circuits;

5. Simple operation and remote control.


Technical parameter of 12v 10000a

1. Input voltage (V): 380V

2. Input frequency (Hz): 50Hz / 60Hz

3. Output current (A): DC 0-10000A continuously adjustable

4. Output voltage (V): DC 0-12V continuously adjustable

5. Output waveform: pulse square wave

6. Stable current accuracy: ≤1% Stabilization accuracy: ≤1%, constant voltage or constant current.

7. Frequency: 50KHz

8. Overall efficiency: ≥90%

9. Working factor: ≥0.95

10. Environmental humidity: <90%

11. Load stability: <1%

12. Cooling method: forced air cooling or water cooling

13. Abnormal signal alarm If abnormal: red light is on.

The product is guaranteed for one year free of charge and lifetime maintenance (expired warranty period, appropriate cost of parts and components).



Q:If I plan to build a new plating factory, what do I need to do?

A:It would be better if you can communicate with your technician for the process details,and see what items needed and make a purchasing plan. We would be helpful if you need any suggestion from us.

Q:Could you make the parameters per to clients' request?

A:0-300V,0-30000amp adjustable is workable for us.

Q:What machine needed for zinc plating process?

A:IGBT rectifier,industrial chiller,titanium basket,filter.

Q:What's output volts for the copper electro-winning rectifier?

A:Normally 18-24volts.

Q:What's the material for the tank?

A:It is PVC tank for chrome plating process. It is pp tank for all other process.

Q: Can you inform me how much is the consumption input (on volt AC) per phase for both rectifier's on maximum capacity output?

A: The consumption of amper input:

60.7amp for 12v 3000amp rectifier with 380v three phase.

50.6amp for 12v 2500amp rectifier with 380v three phase.

Q:Is the programming done on the controller itself or do you need to do it with a computer?
A:If just for the anodizing,the programming will be settled done well on the controller itself.



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