Electric Centrifugal Water Pump

The non-negative pressure water supply equipment is also called the superimposed water supply equipment. It is a continuous pressurized water supply method that uses tap water as the water source and makes full use of the pressure of the water pipe network itself to realize the "poor and how much".
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Product Details

Uses: It is connected with non-negative pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment, valves, fire equipment, pipes with large vibration, and pipes with frequent changes in heat and cold.

Applicable medium: seawater, fresh water, hot and cold water, drinking water, domestic sewage, crude oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, refined oil, air, gas, steam and granular powder.

The feed water pump compares the living water of the living quarters and high-rise buildings. If the main pump unit and the small flow pump are used separately, the flow rate adjustment range is between QL and 1/3Qm due to the large difference between the small pump flow rate QL and the main pump flow rate QM. At the same time, the operating efficiency of the pump is still very low, resulting in uneconomical operation of the pump and wasting energy. And frequent pump changes occur when the flow is greater or closer to QL. In order to achieve high efficiency operation of the pump in the full flow range, it is necessary to add a medium flow pump, the flow rate can be selected from 1/3Qm to 1/2QM. In the special case, two medium-flow pumps can be added. In this way, the overall pump flow rate selection is stepped, so that the equipment is in the high efficiency section of the pump when running in any flow section, which is more energy efficient.

Scope of application

1. High-rise buildings, residential quarters, office buildings, etc.;

2.hotels, restaurants, etc.;

3. Schools, troops, institutions, collective dormitories, etc. are more densely used;

4. Public places such as hospitals, shopping malls, convention centers, gymnasiums, public baths, etc.;

5, the city tap water pressure can not meet the fire water requirements of the fire hydrant water supply system or automatic sprinkler system

6. Large-scale factories, pressurized pumping stations, development zones and other large-flow centralized water supply;

7. Production and domestic water for industrial and mining enterprises;

8. Various circulating water systems;

9. Water supply occasions where water quality requirements are particularly strict.


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